The game need pict npc camp

time to get a pictish invasion in the exiled lands…
picts are the only race i find annoyingly missing (just remembered more but right now will focus on the cute picts) from the npc thrall pool and im about to mod my own server to have them as a tiny faction that i could bump into but that should be already a thing in the game in my opinion…

how do i figure this can be done dear dev you may ask?

location? the jungle!

open up the unmapped chunk of the map above the jungle and add their camp\camps there as a new faction to fight and capture (i know that blank part of the map is for dungeons but i think if not a houl chunk of it can be done for this then adlist a small part that fit one tiny camp… im sure it can be fit in…)

why?.. what lore friendly reason would have us getting picts trapped in the exiled lands?

i did my digging into the picts lore of conan… and there is one way for a pict to be shawned from their tribe and perhaps be sent to exile… is by killing other pict in battle without him or the killed one having war paint or tattoos… its considered blasphemy to them and dishonoring and that act is attached like a curse to the family on both sides…

how would they look?

in my server i have a mod that add you a white chalk looking skin tone which perfectly make them look like they are painted … but im thinking will be something like tan skin only, bald head with a bun on top, black hair and eyebrows and pictish gear or darfari or just exile loin cloth… i would even add to some of them body tattoos in black and some without it to make it look like the faction is mixed with the ones who killed without warpaint and the ones with war paint…

how would that faction called?

“the cursed ones” or “the exiled picts”

heck lets go big and make a pict dungion (an interior instance) by adding a cave entrance somewhere in the jungle and inside there is that tribe of picts…the cave should have witchcraft powder or corruption powder as loot and a shrine for that animal god and a priest thrall for that religion and a cook thrall named “Love-Human-Flesh” or “Num-Num-Num”


Coming from Age of Conan I really miss fighting picts, they more or less got “replaced” by the Darfari in the Exiled Lands it seems. The north in the mountains or the jungle could really use some pictish tribes.

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Would be nice if conan were at a state, where these nice ideas from the community would be heared and implemented in game!
Unfortuanetly the game feels like a beta (after three years). Funcom has big problems to fix day one bugs or is bringing back already fixed bugs over and over again. This game doesnt move forward (except paid dlcs) it stands still and turns in a circle. Sad but/because its true!

and this is why i decided since i made this topic to get into modding and i have big plan to make a dungeon map and let me tell ya…it will be a moist pictfest ;D

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Sadly, this is were several of dungeons are located. The map is very unlikely to ever expanded there. (they would have rework how dungeons are stored and loaded.) (which is also something they commented on, do to size… and long load times. )

Really, theres a few spots in North, that could get a few small camps, Or even on edges of winter land areas.

I was kinda waiting for Khitans/Yamatai to get some npcs… I’m only Yamatai…cough Khitan cough cough in Exile Lands. XD

Quite a few community ideas and suggestrions have made it into the game. Unfurtunately, Funcom needs to consider the time and effort it takes to make a new feature in the game, compared to how popular it would be.

Just to point out, Funcom had basically buried the idea of having horses in the game, but the community kept asking (and demanding) them so long, so passionately, that the devs found a way to make it happen. It was a huge undertaking, but they did it.

And look at the forums now. Turned out, this community suggestion ended up being one of the most controversial additions to the game ever.

Not all community ideas are good.

Horses was a touch and go for me… Once I got one I liked (rng hell on rng hell on rng hell) I found them to be abit of fun. Specially since I’ve climbed most of mountains in game. XD

Mostly pvp is one sided… Tough balance calls to be made. XD

my life goal in conan is to have a a khitan brothel\spicy noodle bar…i love your people!

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