Pictos Kingdoms

Please, if you are going to enlarge the map by creating the Picto Realms, follow the work of Robert E. Howard; do not make the picts of perfect bodies, tall and handsome, because although they were muscular and of great physical resistance (they could chase you for kilometers and fought until they died), they were also short and ugly. Their strength and danger was that they were very numerous, despite their primitive weapons, they had their shamanic magic and the favor of the forces of nature. The invading waves of the Picts are those that will end the civilized kingdoms of the Hiborea Age, according to Robert E. Howard.

As far as we know, there are no plans to expand the map from what we see now. The game engine couldn’t handle it.

There isn’t really space on the current map to add any new Factions either, but if Funcom decided to add Picts into the game, they’d likely use the same human model as with all other human races. It’s not perfect, but it’s easy.

Currently, the Darfari seem to fill the “savage people conducting dark rituals” stereotype slot in the Exiled Lands, so adding Picts would overlap with them.

(Side note: the Picts became a real threat to the Hyborian nations only after they learned ironworking and the battle tactics used by the civilized nations.)


Mitraeaen priests, IIRC. They tried converting the Picts, and were mostly rewarded with an axe to the face, but in one case, they found a Pict chief willing to listen. Except he didn’t listen to the religious part, he listened to the part about rich cities, gold, steel weapons and battle tactics.

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Yup. Pretty much the same way we use gods and altars in Conan Exiles.

“What does Mitra teach?”
“How to make healing porridge, a neat sword and a sharp stick.”
“Err, what about loving thy neighbor?”
“Sure, I love it when I can murder them and steal their stuff.”


Funcom could just create new camps around the map to bring in race type npc’s such as Picts, Khitan, and others which would be the easiest to do for them


Sounds like a wise chief. :joy:

Would love this! They’re should be NPCs of all the race types that your character can be. It’s a bit odd if you’re to be the only Khitan, Pict, Tribal Himelian, Vendhyan, etc.

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