Ping @ 9999 when running DedicatedServerLauncher1708 in Conan Exiles

I’ve set up the dedicated server launcher which I believe is running great. Only problem is when I see my server in the list it show Ping:9999. I’ve port forwarded all the ports in both my windows firewall and on my router. I get green lights on all of them. I’ve also tried putting my system on DMZ and got the same results and have no more ideas to try. Are there any fixes that I might try to get my ping count down to an acceptable level?

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You should probably post that question in the Dedicated Server Launcher topic, you’re more likely to get a solution there.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I know that when you get the “ping 9999” in the in-game server browser, it’s not because your ping is actually that high, it’s because the game never got the reply when it sent the ping request. This implies that the game is not able to reach your server’s raw UDP port.

One thing that might cause that is using the default port 7777. That’s the same port the game client uses, and that causes problems. If you’re using 7777, you should change it to something else.

Other than that, I don’t know how to solve this problem. Try posting in that thread.

Good luck! :+1:

Double check that your gpu is at or is above recommended performance. The 9999 ping usually comes from the gpu processing physics.

Dude, stop posting false information already. Conan Exiles is built on top of a heavily customized Unreal Engine 4.15. Unreal Engine 4 does not support GPU-accelerated physics.

And even if it did, running physics on GPU wouldn’t affect the netcode.

People come here to ask for help, and you keep giving them false and/or irrelevant information all the time.

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It’s another patch to UE4. You’re infamous for putting fud and other subjects in someone else’s mouth/thread.

No, it’s not a “another patch to UE4”. Feel free to post some evidence to corroborate that outlandish claim.

Offloading physics to GPU instead of running it on CPU would actually free up the CPU to do other things, such as respond to UDP packets that Conan Exiles uses for its “ping”.

The fact that you don’t seem to understand that, along with other nonsense you posted elsewhere (e.g. posts about .NET framework, which has nothing to do with Conan Exiles whatsoever), means that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

If you don’t have anything to contribute to a request for help, don’t post useless nonsense.

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I wouldn’t exclude the APU design, as it is pretty fast between the gpu and cpu. UDP is standard, but at least you recognize that over the other standards I interjected upon the thread that you called nonsense. You probably don’t have that working experience.

Okay, let’s make this simple:

  • Contrary to your claim, UE4 does not run physics on GPU.
  • APU is merely AMD’s brand name for having iGPU on the same die as the CPU.
  • Running physics on GPU would not take up CPU cycles and prevent the game from responding to ping, even if the GPU is on the same die as the CPU.
  • You have no idea about my working experience. I’ve worked with .NET, I’ve worked with JVM, and I’ve worked with C++ extensively. I’ve even written a compiler for a proprietary language, professionally, not as a side project. So yes, I know how AOT works and what lambda expressions are.
  • Conan Exiles game client does not use .NET, so your posts about .NET AOT are off-topic nonsense. If you’re confusing Unreal Engine and Unity, that’s your problem, not mine.
  • Unlike UDP, what you talked about on the other thread is not some kind of “standard”, it’s a concept.
  • I’m not talking about UDP because I “recognize” it, I’m talking about it because that’s how Conan Exiles implements its ping. There are good reasons for that, but that would also be off-topic here.

Out of all the nonsense you posted, the only thing that is even remotely plausible is the idea that processing physics might be the culprit. However, that would require people to actually be connected to the server, so there’s some physics to simulate. One would think that the OP would mention that there are players playing on their server and reporting that the game is abysmally slow. Furthermore, since physics does not run on the GPU, checking if GPU is “at or above recommended performance” would not help at all.

Now, I don’t care if you’re a professional dev with a communication problem, or an amateur dabbler who thinks that throwing out buzzwords makes them look good, or anything else in between. What I care about is that you keep posting nonsense when people are trying to get useful advice.

Again, it’s a standard. I’m talking down to that level. You refused and claimed nonsense; That’s your problem. Without standards, communication is sub-optimal.

Nobody on that thread asked you about any standards. Nobody asked you what AOT means. The only question anyone asked you was to explain what, in that particular case, is specifically getting compiled “when you show inventory”. Never mind that “triggering a compilation” when showing inventory is precisely the opposite of AOT, I didn’t even go there. I asked “what is getting compiled”, and you posted a link to .NET

I don’t think lack of standards is what’s making communication sub-optimal here. And like I said, I don’t even care anymore why you post irrelevant and incorrect stuff instead of communicating normally. I don’t care if you’re doing it on purpose or by accident, I just want you to stop misleading people who come here for help.

Since the mods won’t do anything about it, someone else needs to point it out.


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