Placeable trees in Chapter 2?

In the video talking about a hedge maze coming in the next battle pass season (or bazaar), there was a shot showing a couple of trees. Can anyone please confirm if we will get placeable trees as well as hedges? I really hope so. Looking very much forward to the marketplace items as well. Going to be a Merry Christmas in Exiled Lands! :smiley:


It’s a safe bet to assume they are a part of the BP or Bazaar. It’s unlikely Funcom would display mods as part of their stream.

I also saw basket vegetables and stuff that could be used to decorate a storehouse, kitchen, or shop.

I only notice a single small tree, the hedge rows, and the creeping vines. I would love to find out if there were other plants I did not notice.


Yeah, the official servers are going to celebrate by falling over every few hours :laughing:

Sorry for the bad vibes, but I’m having flashbacks. There was this one base on a private PVE server with the Emberlight mod. Tons of trees and ivy and all that lovely decorative vegetation. Every time anyone went near it, the server FPS took a big dip. And every time it got a purge – Cimmerian Berserkers, no less – the server FPS dropped into single digits and stayed there for most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s hope these trees bear nicer fruit :wink:

PS: No disrespect or criticism implied for Emberlight or modders in general. The base owner really went overboard with decoration, that’s all.


Yep, i found couple of trees during testlive (really cool ones), rose bush, wall ivy and smth else (forget). So yes, we gonna get personal gardens!
Downside of this -probably 100% of this items are bazaar only… (a least i hope for new reasonable prices).


Were the emberlight trees that were at issue the tapped variety? Those have inventory slots and if someone spammed them, I could totally see that happening. The ticking and the inventory needs some restraint…

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I honestly don’t remember. Maybe @Larathiel remembers, it was his server :slight_smile:

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It could likely have been the vines, I have played on private servers having the emberlight mod and I remember the vines quite often causing some serious fps drops, in some cases to the point of crashing a players game.
I’ve never really experienced their placable trees causing much problems :slight_smile:

Oh, I remember the base you were talking about. Yeah that player was the sort that makes people clamor for block/deco/thrall limits. >.<

Part of the problem wasn’t just the vines they spammed everywhere though, it was that one of the mods we were using (Savage Steel, I think) had inventory associated with many of the placables. While it’s nice having barrels and bookcases that can store things, decor with storage has a much higher “cost” than an equivalent item that doesn’t.

So between the profusion of Emberlight vines, having every armor and weapon in the game on display, and all the thralls and storage… well, there’s only so many CPU cycles to go around.

yada yada, Tragedy of the Commons, yada yada…

As far as trees, the tapped ones would probably have more of an impact than the deco-only trees since there was inventory and crafting tied to them. However, since even the normal Emberlight trees have a pop-up menu to select size, variant, etc. I’m not sure how that factors in compared to normal trees from other mods.

/me is not a developer


I just want snow covered and regular pine trees to replace the in game ones that despawn even with land claim set to minimum. Also want an ash tree.


Emberlight gardens do NOT use ticks. They update on interaction only counting progress from the last interaction. It’s easy to check: just put some garden block with everything you need to get crops, wait for an hour and dismantle it without opening it’s inventory. You’ll get only what you put in it, no crops. They made it on purpose, for the sake of server performance.


I stand corrected.


I’d LOVE some pine trees. Not sure we’re getting those though. Small lemon trees were shown in the video. But hopefully we’ll have an assortment to choose from.


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