Placeables and building pieces overlap with building pieces

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam (I’m pretty sure they do the same with windows store as well, but since we play the game before the windows store release we don’t have a way of verifying this)

Bug Description:

All signs, merchant signs, trophies workstations overlap with wall and foundation elements. All carpets overlap with ceilings and foundations.
Some of the foundations and walls stick trough stairs. Fences overlap with other fences and building pieces.

Expected Behavior:

For placeables not to overlap with building pieces.
Building pieces not to stick trough other building pieces at the edges.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1 - Build something. I’m using Stormglass (I only have the Isle of Siptah DLC, but a clan member have all the DLCs and it happens with them as well, even if he places the building pieces and placeables).
  2. Step 2 - Place a placeable or stairs, or fences.
  3. Step 3 - See the overlap.
  4. Step 4 - Wait for devs to fix issue so the base doesn’t look like parts of the walls, foundations and ceilings were placed over the placeables.

If you have the same issue, please reply to the post, so the devs feel more like taking some fixing it.

Also in the edit:
Adding some pictures:

Very unlikely to see a fix for this. The mesh size on walls, floors, etc are all different across all the different sets of buildings. The collision size is the same, but not the mesh size. Only way to solve it is to either make every collision different on a per set basis (which would destroy people’s stuff and cause other issues, 0% chance of that happening). Or resize every single mesh ever made, and still adjust the collisions again (0% chance of that happening too).

There are also hundreds, approaching a thousand different placeables. While I get the annoyance (I’m the author for less building placement restrictions, I like seeing cool builds from people too), it’s not feasible to resolve it.

Yea it’s hard. But it’s truely fu*ked up to charge people money for some visual effects that have TONS of bugs. I’d be ok if the DLCs were free and they have some of those bugs, but FUNCOM charges money for them. Is it too much to ask for a proper job?

An those are not the only things that are wrong - what about the game crashes, because of an update they rushed? What about perfectly good building suddenly disappearing because they rushed another update? What about all the other bugs?

It’s a lot harded to wipe your buttocks after defecating, than if you just pull up your pants, but you do it i hope. And i hope you don’t encourage people not to do it because it will save them some time.

Like what? Besides the clipping issue. Some minor clipping is not game breaking. If it’s that huge of a deal to you, then make a suggestion that doesn’t require a massive amount of commitment to fix (“save them some time” is a gross insanely understatement) and doesn’t cause people’s entire structures to explode over night. I eagerly await your solution.

If you have other dlc related bugs to report, then make a thread on it.

The rest is not relevant to this but report. If you have other bugs to report, do so with another thread. And if it’s not too much to ask, hold the insults.

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I fail to see any insults. If someone is feeling insulted about the tons of bugs and the state of the situation, it’s because they feel responsible for making it in that way. Of course you can feel insulted, because you are afraid that the same may happen to you.

I concur it’s a lot harder to fix it at this point, than in the beginning, but if enough testing was done, the inconsistencies should have been caught and the fixing would not be needed.
My problem with your attitude is that you discourage people to report bugs. What if the bug is not game crushing (and/or crashing), but really unpleasant one - like the missing building pieces and everything that was on them? I play the game from relatively soon - only about 8 months, but I have clannies that play it since the beta. There are bugs that are still here, lots and lots of PAID content was introduced since. Not to talk about the expansion which is really a different and non connected content, which is really strange.

In my opinion, when you make a mistake, you should own it. You should apologise and try to fix it. Sure that will take some time, probably a lot of time, but it’s the right thing to do. It shows that you care. It shows that you want to improve.

Don’t discourage people to report bugs.

He literally asked you to report the rest of the bugs that have been bothering you in their own threads following the required format in order for them to get the attention they deserve …

You seem to forget (or perhaps never knew) how this game was developed and the state of the studio back then. You should accept that certain bugs will likely never be fixed, Multigun explained why. It just takes too much effort and resources for little gains.

Perhaps we can go without any of this, especially if you want people to take you seriously and treat you with respect …

EDIT: Furthrmore, looking at your posting history you have already reported this bug a month ago and Funcom have acknowledged it.

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It’s also not that difficult to place stuff like pictures, signs and trophies elsewhere on walls to avoid clipping. I do it all the time.

About the other tropic - as I saw FUNCOM have seen it, and because of this:

I have thought they have addressed the issue, as I think i have read something in this manner in one of the changes, and that’s why I started the new topic. As you can see I also point out that there are some other type of placeables - not only signs, that have the same visual problem.

I have a short story for you:
A guy goes to a taylor to get a suite tailored for him. As he goes to the tailor to take the completed suite and gives it a test fit. The new suite have one sleeve shorter than the other, one of the lapelles is crooked, one of the legs of the pants is also shorter. He complains to the tailor and the tailor answers him, well if you lean your upper body to the right and your lower boddy to the left, you won’t be able to see the shorter sleeve and leg. And if you bow back a bit and contract your shoulders the lapelle will be great. The guy does all this and the suits starts to look good.
The guy leaves the shop and as he is walking down the street, two women are walking towards him. One of the women sais:
“See the idiot walking towards us. He is really corked.”
The other one answers:
“Yea, but what great suit he have.”

Read both my posts again.

They’ve done so, many times. I tried to explain the challenges behind it, but some people refuse to listen. Players really do think a “bug” is something that can be fixed with a press of the button. I forgot game development just requires that “easy” button like at Staples.

Whatever, I’m done. I really don’t get why I bother to try to educate people when all you people do is jump on my back for it.

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