Placing greater wheel and stables

Game mode: [ Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [ USA ]

Am I the only one that has issues placing the greater wheel of pain on some foundations? Or stables for that matter? Keeps saying not enough contact with ground or overlapping. I raise and lower and spin them suckers around til I find a spot it will place but looks all goofy to me. I don’t understand why I still have this problem. 🤷

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to place items
  2. See items won’t place on perfectly flat foundations.
  3. Get pissed and cry on forums
  4. Hope this will get fixed
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Hi @Scumdog1980, this is a known issue that’s still being looked into, you may have to keep experimenting with different rotation and height values after using the auto-align functionality.

Also, be sure to remove any ceilings that might be present above the location where you want to place a large structure over foundations.

No ceilings…on an outside platform I made. I ended up rotating it around til I found what seems to be 1 of the only 2 options it would give me. Hope they figure out whats causing it. Maybe they can fix the stables too then. I can lift the stable off the ground…literally see under it…and it is ok with that…but flat on the ground is more of a task.

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