Placing new Event placeables!

Fun Event for collectors. Seems it takes forever to get all the Event placeables! I finally got the Round table.

I find they really match well with most of the Alchemist benches! How have you placed your new spidery eye popping tables and pots?


It still doesn’t actually work for many console players. And unless the event is extended, it ends in 11 days. So the odds of us getting all, possibly any of them are now dwindling.


I figure folks are due back in the office by around the 2nd (at a wild guess) - that gives us 8 days at that point to start a proper campaign to ensure you guys get a fair shake at the event. I’m happy to be as loud as need be - just figure there’s little point making a fuss right now, because there’s probably no one to make a decision right now - but as soon as they’re back, I think polite but firm action should be taken. Funcom really can’t consider the first event in years to be a success if they can’t roll it out to all players, especially given the recent statement from Dennis that console players make up over half the playerbase.


Planning on using the furniture in a basement or maybe forgotten (aka haunted) loft. Good idea with the alchemist benches, that’s indeed a good match - unless you have a cleaning obsessed alchemist that is! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


While that is an important point (and inexcusable by Funcom to not address in some way when back), maybe keep to the topic and be a bit more friendly? Cheer up man :slight_smile: it’s not the end of the world and there will be ways to get these again sooner or later in the worst case.

@Shaolindruid Love your post and the image, the placeables can most certainly look great in many rooms. Did not have time to build anything with them yet, but it’s on my list.


Those items will be available after the event, just by another means.

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Eventually I’m sure. But it is not just about the items here Taemien. I would also like to actually PLAY the event.

I hope so DanQuixote. But I know that on at least one occasion in the past, console users haven’t seen post-Christmas updates come in until February. So I am feeling kind of nervous here. To make matters worse yesterday they got on Twitter and just posted a ‘reminder’ not to dawdle because the event ends on the 10th January!

You’re right @Organizer, both you and @DanQuixote are. Hey @Shaolindruid if you read this please accept my apologies dude. As someone who couldn’t be a part of the last event with the Twitch drops, the thought of being unable to take part again has me a little rattled here. But that doesn’t make it ok for me to rain on Shaolindruid’s parade.


Well don’t feel bad, I’m currently missing it myself. Though its more of a choice here (playing a custom map).

Just to interject… @Wak4863 I believe it was, said in a video that this will be our one and only chance. I dunno if he knows something we don’t but…

I’m 46, I love this game and probably play it more then I should lol

Believe me, I am a Console player on both Ps4 pro & Xbox One X and trust me I have my issues with the game! Certainly have had the stability issues. I also had the Twitch issues.

Just wanted to try to stay positive!!
I believe in Christmas miracles…haha…

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Haha. I’m not the all seeing eye. I based that statement on what I saw in game. Including the admin panel. So when I didn’t find a recipe for any of it I assumed they were doing a true limited event. But from the subsequent responses it appears there will be a new way to get them in the future.

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Well, that is actually yet to be determined. You may yet carry the day. :slight_smile:

I’m going to bet we don’t see them again for at least a year - if at all.

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