Player bodies show as unconcious now for days?

Two weeks ago and earlier my clan mate’s character would disappear from the game I guess after a reset or 10 hours. Now they are always present. Did something change? What is the game mechanic for this?

What kind of server are you playing on? Private, Official, pve / pvp - mods?

It used to be normal for the bodies on the official servers to stay in the world for 7 days before disappearing. Lately, I’ve heard reports of the bodies disappearing after less than a full day.

If they’re now back to normal – 7 days before body-vaulting – that’s great news.

yup it will help to fight the exploit of human body vault

(recent, last few days)Ive had a (other account) non clan)character laying around since two days, i noticed it shows up the one session, the other session its not visible, for the next to be visible again.
(not related to any circumstance like pvptime or so.)

Its still laying there so il will see what happens next with it.

Well, wait a second. If my character doesn’t log out anymore, why does my base deteriorate? My character is still there. Seems like Funcom and some players want to have their cake and eat it too.

I don’t need a human vault. That is short sighted. The world map is so large you just have some small stashes. If you lose one, so what? There is nothing in Exiles you can’t get in a day except Grr Legbiter.

So… Funcom allows offline raiding, one week decay timers, but your character stays in the base, endless ‘raiding of the same player’ harassment. Shouldn’t I be getting paid for playing Exiles? How is this fun when the cards are all stacked to make raiding super easy. Just wait for the base owner to log off, 30 minutes later the raiders have the loot and the offline player has hours or weeks of repairs to make. It’s just too much cheeeze.

Your character does log out, it just doesn’t get removed from the world. That’s what the word “unconscious” about your character means.

And I have no idea why you thought the decay timer had anything to do with the presence of your body in the world. The decay time is there for no other reason than to make sure that abandoned buildings eventually disappear. Otherwise, people could get on a server, build something, never log in again and their stuff would stay there forever. Sure, people might bother to blow it up on a PVP server, but there are two other game modes where it’s not possible.

On the contrary: PVP (and PVE-C) players who want to be safe regardless of where they log out are the ones who want to have their cake and eat it too.

I’m sure that’s why it’s such a popular strategy.

Sounds like your real complaint is offline raiding, not whether the body is in the world. And yeah, I would agree with you – offline raiding is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t play PVP. But that’s not something you solve with an Quick n’ Easy Body Vault, is it?

I’m playing on a server that has an offline raid protection mod. Seems to work pretty well, though PvP seems to have largely ended on that server. Probably because people can’t offline raid very easily anymore.

My real complaint is it’s just too easy to Raid and too hard to build the dang stuff. Add to that the idle mode your thralls seem to go into when you are offline and you come to the conclusion that if Funcom can’t fix that they should not allow offline raiding.

Like the other night I was online, being raided, but outnumbered (4 to 1) so I thought I would see how good my 8 guard thralls in no armor were and just watch. Turns out they halted the raid with minor damage to structures and only one casualty, for an hour, all on their own. I just watched, no order given or action taken. Earlier in the week I had the same set-up with 12 guard thralls in heavy flawless and a stronger base, but was offline. Result here was 10 thrall casualties and all chests and machines raided. Basically they emptied my base. This was 2 players from the same clan as the other time, according to the logs.

I do not know what is going on here, maybe just making the game run more efficiently and not consume as many cycles for offline player thralls? Anyway, if Funcom can’t fix this they should not allow offline raiding. Simply because they haven’t fully enabled it from what I am seeing.

As for the human vault thing. It’s just better to have multiple stashes of your spare stuff, but you would also like to know that your character is not going to end up naked in the desert because you can’t be on 24/7.

The body i was talking about was again not visble the one session, visible the other.

Dont know but it is similar to the bodies wich become invisible.

In terms of that bug, a good example seems to be the bearer in the crevice(jungle), its reproduceable there.

…Kill bearer - go on to fight the archer behind the bearer. return to loot the bearer, - invisible.

The body (and loot)is there tho, need to tap the floor and search.

This excudes the bearer beeing 100% under water, this scenario is where the bearer dies on the rock he stands on when you enter the crevice.

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