Officials servers, body of offline players do not stay in the world

There is a bug, body of offline players do not stay in the world after server restart on officials.

Since fews weeks, I see this. Anyone else?

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same on private

Yep. Bodies are removed from the server on restart, for good or bad. From a PvE perspective, I personally welcome the change. Body vaulting PvP techniques are not something that affects me in any way.

it is a bug because it should be in the world :

So now in PVP, i can take everthing in my body, open all doors of my base and go to sleep.

There is nothing to raid at 17h00 the next day …


Yep. Used to be 7 days inactive or a body to “disappear”. Which if you were smart enough, you could body vault if you wanted to take a break. Now you can just body vault every day lol.

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Hey @Berserker

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.

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