Do sleepers still disapear after some time?

Hey guys, I’ve been away from the game for a couple of months, and I’m considering returning.
However, I wanted to ask: Does anyone know if sleepers (corpses of people that logged off) still dissapear (as in no longer visible to others untill the player logs back on the game) after some time?
I’ve always hated this mechanic because people that wanted to stop playing could simply gather all their nice loot, put on a couple of characters, climb them on some trees or places that nobody ventures on and that’s it. After some months, when tey returned the bases would be gone, but they would still have all the main loot cause even if someone climbed said tree or found said hidden place, the bodies would not be there anymore (there even was a case of a dude that rejoined the game after some time and was trapped inside my base, because that’s where his base was long ago).

Yes. As in official servers, your character´s body disappears after 7 days of not logging in.

Damn… Is this intentional? I mean, it breaks the game in so many ways, specially with the constant glitching/hacking. Players can hop on, do a lot of damage on the server, save their stuff on sleepers, and vanish. Tehn after some months they return like a plague, all geared up and full of explosives, destroy everything again, save the sleeper, vanish. Hince and repeat…
If only their bodies wouldnt disappear like in some other survival games, people would have a (small) fighting chance against this kind of players.
Or official servers could wipe once every year to reduce this effect.

As with many game mechanics, there are positive and negative impacts. You pointed out that people can use this to attack established players. But if combined with a second account / inactive clan members / steam familily share system people can and do use this mechanic to have a save storage if raided / wiped completely.

I think that it is not the worst mechanic to have and not as OP as people claim sometimes. If you try to store a backup in a body vault you will reach the item limit very fast: Work stations, thralls, some building mats and production ressources, some weapons and the item cap is reached. Same if you want to pack a guerilla warfare body vault I think. + if your server is highly populated, you are always at the risk of beeing located.

Is this intentional? I don´t know, but I think it´s in game since the beginning.

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