Player wake up inside base

when you will fix thing like this when player had base and he stop play all decayed an body gone… you come on server make base on same place and he decide login and boom he is inside base, in my case he wake in room where we keep altar and he remove everything this is not first time to happened like this if you have thralls he can take them all and kick to decay.

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Lol I have never robbed someone but I have had this happen a few times where I logged in, inside someones base, I personally like to just log back out on their bed to freak them out.

But yeah if you are offline long enough to “body vault” it should at least put you in the desert when you re login

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yes they need made somthing like that. my friend wake up many times in base but never didnt take anything but is not all good like you guys XD many of them are evil.

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