Unconcious Players still in game after 24 hours

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Erroneously made this comment on PS4. Official servers are filling up with unconscious bodies that don’t go away after 24 hours. I have one laying on my foundation interfering with construction. Need to turn off the player stays in game after log off until problem is addressed and fixed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Look at all the unconscious bodies in the official servers.
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I agree. The body’s eventually need to time out. There are bodies everywhere.

I kinda think the bodies should be there all the time, more realistic ^^

Im having the same problem

Just chop them up during PvP time. If there is no PvP time then your out of luck I think

Agree that on PVE offline players bodies should not be there at all.

For example yesterday My internet went haywire for some hours when I was in the volcano (on a totally safe stairway)
By the time I got back online after log in I arrived into the desert in Eve’s costume.
NO BODY/death marker were to be found. So lets just say I lost all my gear.
I went back to the sport where I last were, but found nothing.

So while this shiiit is this buggy just simply step back to the last version in which a logged out body disappears completely.

I think the unconcious body died because of the heat there, and expired by the time I managed to get some internet. And this is almost worse than a no holyday possibility… (AKA Decay timer)

if no PVP possibility Just lure there a crocodile and anger it when he is on top of that pile. :smiley:

Default ‘offline body timer’ is 168h (7 days). Little long, I agree, but it DOES exist, just letting you people know. It can be changed in serversettings.ini on private servers, but on official they use the default value I’m sure.