Do logged out players not disappear now?

I have a new friend in my clan and he logged out over 7 days ago and his body is still visible. I thought your body became invisible after 4 or 5 days. Was this changed intentionally?
Thanks in advance.

All I can say is that they finally do eventually disappear. I have not taken any record but my feeling is that it is variable so maybe it is more related to server reset than actually a timer.

The default setting is 168 hours:

… but it could be that the actual check is only done on server restart.

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I have decayed bases with players still inside(offline).
If 168 hours have elapsed since the player has logged out, you still need a server restart(or maybe 2) for the body to disappear.

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Decay is sometimes(?) the same. The timer runs out but you can’t demolish till after server restart.

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