Player crashed & game keeps crashing

This is on an Xbox gportal server…

A player on my server got to the area of the Sentinels. As soon as he did, his game froze then crashed. Now he can’t even load in to the server. His game acts like it is loading him in then just crashes. He’s tried several times. He has also done a hard start on his Xbox with no change.

The server is on hold for the rest of us until we can get this issue resolved for our fellow exile. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

the best suggestion I have is the work around that I’m using on an official server. After starting the game go into single player stand around for a few minutes then exit to menu and go to the server. I usually get 1-3 hours without a crash. After restarting go back to single player.

Thanks…he tried but he still can’t get in the game at all. It crashed on him right away. Now we have another guy in the same area that is crashing as soon as the game loads as well. I got in fine, but, I’m not near either of them. I’m guessing it’s a glitch with that area.

Server is on hold until it gets fixed. If no fix, I’ll just let the server go.