Player death needs to be reviewed

I’ve played online for the 4 odd months since I have had this game, and I’ve loved it!
But what I haven’t liked is dying due to lag, server crashes etc…

At first it was fine, head back to your corpse, but when your corpse isn’t there for the umteenth time. You end up spending more time recovering your non existent corpse, being killed in the process, that the game becomes less about progress and all about equipment maker…
I won’t bore you with examples… but has anyone enjoyed glitching out trying to farm rhino to repair rhino hide armour only to die by disconnect?

So I started a solo game, turned off lose inv on death, which has made things easier… funny thing i’ve Been dying a lot less… but…

That also means death is no issue, spawn to your last bedroll and you don’t worry about that last fight you shouldn’t have…
Funcom, it’s a survival game, not a game to grind for equipment, that may or may not help you live…
The latter being on the heads of the player…

So i’d Like to see a median… you die, you keep your gear, perhaps lose your inv, but your gear suffers a durability penalty… 50% of current would be perfect…

Currently you have 2 options and due to internet mishaps corpse recovery does not work, get to where you died and no corpse…the second, no loss of stuff regardless of why, is flawed, it’s an instant teleport to base with all my loot.

Honestly, I can live with the other quirks, but not that…
Or as meatloaf sang, “I will do anything for lurve, but I won’t put up with that…”

The day you fix that is the day, I and many others will buy your dlc… till then my friends.

Funcom, it’s a


Does exactly what you ask for.

Oh, did I forget to mention XBOX…
Aside from which, we should not have to rely on mods for the basics of good game design…

Thanks though, others might find the mod useful.


Thats why, I think a downed system similar to GW2 and Rust would be perfect for Conan Exiles.

Conan is a survival game, not about equipment grinding. I agree. So there should be ramifications of death. Your armor getting a little banged up is no less a cop out than dropping nothing on death. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a back up for every piece of gear you have for the sole reason of corpse recovery anyway. Gear is not that expensive.

I won’t go on about it, (oops). A lot of people agree with you. A lot of people have been driven mad. Most of them have moved on to other games. Might I recommend playing some Monster Hunter World, between your Conan Exiles stints. It’s another fun game, well made, plenty to do. You can get an easy 300-400 hours out of it before you crawl back to Conan to enjoy the atmosphere, till you get angry again.

Having said that, Conan has a lot to offer. A lot of people are just building their stuff, losing it, quitting for a few months, or forever, coming back and doing it again.

Sandbox is fun, but the real successful game in this genre is gonna be the first one that makes a sandbox with a time sink (MMORPG with a real skill tree). Conan had a chance to build a bridge in that direction, but they are not currently heading there. We will see what they do with future patches, cause a lot can change. In the meantime, don’t expect too much beyond building shi*, dying, and having to build it again.

This game does not have a real progression system beyond the leveling to 60, and the acquiring of materials that make building things more efficient. This includes thralls.

I am betting we need to wait for the next generation of MMORPG’s to enjoy what we are all after. A sandbox with a real time sink, and no feeling of being eviscerated

Atlas tried, seeing the future on the horizon they grabbed at it. But they promised too much too soon. It’s still in EA though, so it’s got time to polish itself. Hopefully Funcom takes Conan Exiles that direction, or makes another game similar to C.E. but with a deeper skill tree and less /dick in your @$$ core elements.

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Player death is a matter of server settings.

Worst case your body remains in game after you log out and you lose all your stuff on death.
Now do you really want to be destroyed by people without a life, without a job or without education?

Do you wanna live forever ?


I think you missed my point… I would be ok with that if you didn’t die from server dc or lag or the unexplained… like last night it was dinner time, so I left my toon in a base with a full shelter icon, full food and water, came back 30 mins later and somehow I had died…

It’s not a cop out simply a mechanic to counter issues the game should not have… if I die from stupidity, sure res me naked, if I die from a server dc… why should I be punished?

Conan is an RPG game… the ONLY survival aspect of it are food and water… which food replaces healing potions so really just water… Not about equipment grinding? bro you playing the same game as us? o_O

Let me get a top 10 list of survival games that aren’t RPGs and don’t involve some form of equipment upgrading and the inherent cursing when you die decked out in your good gear.

I agree, survival is a minimal issue in this game once you get past the first few levels…
I wouldn’t call it an RPG either due to lack of anything that’s makes a good RPG…

I actually got taken in by the building aspect. Both bases and equipment… what I didn’t expect was spending most of my time trying to find my corpse to reclaim my gear, only to discover after 10-15 mins running to where I died not finding a corpse…

Anyway, I’ve said enough, for now I’ll just stick to my solo offline game with no equipment drop and not cheese it for an easy teleport…

If you run your own server you can set your own rules. What also saves FunCom the expenses for giving you something you don’t want. Win-Win Woop-Woop!

Or see it this way: you and your friends got this server where you can go to town, beat up people, eat their limbs and run off with their cooking pots and candles. What only costs you 20 bucks a month. Quite a saving compared to the real life experience!

I just died while trying to build a tree house, tree deaths and cliffs deaths are the worst this is the 5th time this has happen and although I can start over it doesnt make a different I’m tired of started over, because it’s something that could simply be helped by a patch about deaths, where we die that’s where our body should be. If I was in my solo mode, it happen so many times, I’m use to it to the point where I would give myself the stuff back in the admin menu and keep playing but I dont like using cheat codes. When playing online there are no cheat codes and you are just screwed. It’s a very frustrating process, I died several times building my tree house and the one time I died and the body appears on the map but not in the actual game is the time I had all my stuff including the Witch Queen items and my weapons and tools the body is no where to be found. While looking for the body in the jungle near the tree where I am building, I was killed by a panther and all those bodies were there. But the main one with all my stuff is gone. I just shut it off and I am upset. But it’s nothing I can do about it. Start Over like Always!!!

Well at least this time I made extras at my main base and put them away…I hope the Glimermoon and the Lovetap will respawn after defeating those boss again. #happygaming

There are a few server settings you should check before joining a server. And this really comes to you.

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