Player Economy (Could this work?)

I’ve been playing Exiles on and off for about three years now, and I see a lot of servers with really low server pops. This game has so much potential and I would love to see the populations flourish. Just an idea I thought might help to grow the community in-game…

A lot of MMOs with decent-sized pops have a great player-based economy - as in, most items you procure in-game come from another player who’s crafted it and sold it via a vendor or in-game auction house. Would this be something we could implement here?

I could see players setting up “shops” of all varieties (Armor, weapons, pets, alchemy, thralls, etc.) where they sell or trade these items with others. The in-game currency is already there (gold and silver coins). Shopkeepers/vendors could be thralls designated to run the shops (and maybe create a new type of thrall? A “Merchant”, with different skill levels affecting buying and selling prices, etc.?

I know what you’re saying: “But we can already craft most of the things we need…why buy them from someone else?” How about an “Advanced Crafting System”, where players can specialize in certain weapons, armor, pet or thrall training, potions, etc.? Having to spend points in these specializations means that they can’t specialize in all skills, thus, they would be dependent upon one another for the really good quality stuff. Sure, each player could basically craft all of their essentials, but if they wanted the really high-end gear it would be something they’d have to purchase from another player.

These items could also require really specific materials and skills, which could also mean more “quests” and content to seek these things out. Other players could hunt for these rare materials and sell them to the artisans for a pretty penny also.

But what about just re-speccing the specialization, you say? How about we make the advanced crafting skill “boxes” permanent, or challenging to respec? Maybe a quest to reset? or a special rare item?

I could see some really cool new game dynamics here: new crafting elite tiers, new skills that players could train pets, horses, or thralls with - making them very desirable, customization options for weapon/armor/clothing visuals…and so on.

Just some thoughts. Feel free to add to it, shoot it down, or improve upon it.


Hi there, grats on your first post :slight_smile:

What you’re describing there can easily be achieved with mods. There are a lot of private servers running that kind of gameplay (most of them are RP servers I think). An essential mod for that - and for anything Conan Exiles related, actually - is called Pippi. I believe most of the modded servers run it. Look it up on Steam workshop.

PS: I’m not involved with Pippi in any way, I just found that I can’t play CE without it, so I’m just sharing that with you :slight_smile:

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My take on the matter is CE would benefit from some soft of in game trading system, but more on the barter system. Needing 1000 hardened brick? Visit the trader and check the prices, maybe someone has put up steel reinforcements for trade requesting brick. Would also take some of the edge off of the crazy recipe RNG on siptah if you could put those up for sale. Initially thinking this over, I was against the use of coins, but I can see some value there. I mean, I don’t even loot coins, so this would give them some actual value.

I am however, not in support of a specialization system. The are plenty of solo and offline players who I’m sure would prefer to remain largely self sufficient. I could also see it widening the PvP gap as large clans can just coordinate this proposed gear creation if it were as powerful as it would need to be, to be worthwhile.

I like some of your suggestions here. As mentioned the Pippi mod does allow for half of what you’re looking for. Not so much the specializations though some rp servers do have ways of doing that as well I think.

However, as we know consoles do not get mods and even with Pippi, I think there is room for some additional methods of trading between players. Personally I agree that this is desperately needed in official. I proposed a solution a while ago called the barter box. It’s a simple idea but creates an easy trading system for players. Let me know what you think:

For a player economy to work, the following needs to happen:

  • items value need to be increased by reducing harvest rate to 10% of what it is right now
  • implementing a game currency
  • introduce more RNG into the game so that players have to depend on other players for progression
  • increase the difficulty of crafting so that one player can focus on producing only a couple of products. One way to achieve this is to limit the number of crafters you can have as a player/clan and increase the number of thralls per stations. In this way, lets say, if you have 10 crafters and you use 5 of them into a production chain for crafting armor, and the other 5 to cover your basic needs like cooking, you won’t have enough to produce weapons so you have to rely on other players to obtain other goods and be forced to trade your armor in exchange.
  • implement player vendors for passive trading
  • increase server player limit
  • add crafting ingredients exclusive to world bosses

Having said that, I don’t this will work with Conan Exiles because it will require too much of a change from the core game. No player would consider trading when they can craft everything themselves. The only thing that players may consider trading are T4 crafters, but this alone won’t sufice to create an economy, especially when it is not even a perishable resource.


Shops would be very nice
So a player can focus more on what they want to do instead of what they need to do.

For example player 1 wants to catch thralls, enjoys it and sells them…
Player 1 doesn’t want to do dungeons and prefers to buy recipes.

Player 2 enjoys doing dungeons and sells the recipes.
But player 2 doesn’t have the right base location to enjoy thrall catching so prefers to buy thralls

And a lot more.

The shop should be a “selling thrall” you can place behind your custom built stand, other players can then interact with it and buy items. It would be nice if buying items is not limited to gold/silver only (cause on Siptah gold is in abundance).

You hit it 9n the head. Nothing is hard to get in game once level 60. The only rare items are RNG. So setting up a whole trading system mechanic around hoping someone got lucky loot roles is not worth the whole effort. Especially if when out fighting I might accidentily get the same loot.

Dreaming is free , dreamers of another tomorrow in this game are more than welcome here , so welcome my friend to join the club :wink: . Keep dreaming and posting that beautiful and wait , dreams come true here m8 , I 've seen it , so don’t loose hope , just patience .
I like almost everything that you said , I say almost because I am an independent crazy farmer and I wouldn’t like to depend to no-one , I would like to have the same crafting skills with all the others , since I grind for this I deserve it , so , I can see that idea happening on mods like @validusername said , not in exile lands official , or in RP servers maybe with mods .
About the trade system in official pve , we have made a lot of suggestions , like more merchants , or (my self) charity tables that can allow to others to take from this table whatever I don’t need etc …
You know on TESO exists a trading system with e mails , where you can send with e mail everything you want to trade asking for payment , that if someone doesn’t pay then he cannot claim .
There are a lot of ways , we just need to look around as , suggest and wait .
Once again , welcome exile , happy to have you here :+1: .

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