Missing Trading Option in Conan Exiles

I don’t know about you, fellow exiles, but I really miss the option to “trade” clearly with other players in the Exiled Lands on official servers. And by that I mean more than just this provisoric dropping of things in the presence of other players.

It’s clear that the focus of the Conan Exiles are conflicts. However, I would have often wished that I could also trade peacefully and transparently with other players, especially those who are not in my clan, on PvP and PvE(C) servers. Being able to interact with other players by opening a “trade window” with pressing button “E” on other characters in game would be a huge addition to Conan Exiles.

This is particularly attractive for many solo players in PvP or smaller clans who may want to work together to better survive against the dominantion of alpha clans. It would also be a great benefit for private role-playing servers.

Or as Razma put it so nicely at the end of her third journals entry: “[…] I realize now that I have been foolish to avoid others. If I am to escape these Exiled Lands, I need to find people who know what the stakes are. I need other people. Lesson Learned.” :wink:

First feedback had already been given in the summer of 2018 as I know. I think the need is still there.

Could this be implemented in the game in the medium or long term, FunCom? Or is that completely unrealistic?

:pray: I would like to thank you in advance for all constructive contributions, my fellow exiles and FunCom team. :pray:


I always thought that it was survival, and conflict a consequence of that, but anyways.

I think trade would be a nice thing but I have some criticism of having “safe” system trade among players for that exact distinction I made.

Safe trade means I can give you something and that process cant be interrupted, tempered or prevented. MMORPG style trade is a “super safe” process that I dont really think works well with the conflict and survival theme.

In this game, I think the idea that someone can kill both parts in the right moment is get off with your goods is more in like with the survival conflict theme than safe trading regardless.

Two players can use a container to trade things, and those limitations offer what we call “emergent gameplay” that all the systems in MMORPGs are meant to prevent, like theft, murder, stalking, strategic weapons, etc.

But that is my view anyways.

I do have a mod for that, but I dont make it about having a “trade UI” for that reason.

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I think having alliances should be in the game

You should have the ability for the following player player levels

Clan (what’s yours is mine and vv)
Alliance (can’t access inventory but thralls remain civil to the player)
Trading partners (able to trade)
Indifferent (default status)
enemies (thralls will instantly aggro even off raid hours)


Your point of view definitely has a few good points, KorgFoehammer. But what annoys me is the fact that on PvE and PvEC servers you can’t even access a player’s chest outside of your clan. One thing that I can’t understand at all, because you have the option in the game to “lock” your own chest.


Sounds great. But to implement something like that would be relatively cumbersome and very intensive in work, right?

It is a question of setup. I have a “renting mod” in which I worked out a way for someone out of a clan to use things from that clan, and when I worked on the code that does it, I know how it works. It is well made, but the server has sort of “last call” on it, so if you say “anyone can access anything”, anyone can access anything, unless it is locked.

I dont think it is a question of “how much or how hard” the work is, but a question of priorities. I am a modder, my prioritiy is doing the specific thing I do. The priorities of the game devs are spread throughout the whole game, and to them, adding more sources of problems is adding exponentially more problems.

That was one idea I had in mind but slightly different. More like EVE Online does it.
Not levels, but different aims to each circle.
Clans are groups of people closed into themselves.
What I call Villages, you might call Alliances, are groups of clans that define things in relation to the place they are, not exactly the people, so the alliance owns territory and buildings only, but clans can own anything.

And the “Common Property”, which is that which is public but controlled by a clan or village.

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Yes, agreed. I’d also like to see player made shops run by thralls. Existing trader NPCs should be rehauled with Buy/Sell ability. Gold & silver coins should have more use. I think there needs to be more ways to interact with other players as well beyond just combat. Otherwise it’s just hostile, encourages griefing & other anti-social behaviours. As you said, would also make things better for solo players & smaller clans.

Yes, I’d like to be able to do co-op quests with other clans without our thralls killing each other. Or to visit each other’s bases.

This game unlike MMOs ends. You ascend and start over.

Your not sposed to stay and try and make it an MMORPG like we do.
Thats why you just throw it on the ground.

Now over on the modded servers, there is trade galore and a g9ood marketing and tasks you can do for trade items and gold.

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