Player flats (player housing)....hear me out

Having a house for eveyone is probably tricky i get that BUT hear me out. How about an apartment for players, on one big block in london,soul and new york, with say 3 layers. At the bottom you would have the cheap rooms, and on the second floor it would be one bigger and more expensive and so on. You would click the door and zone in to your place. Where you can put cosmetic items bought from the store or as loot. Lamps, chairs, carpets or tv sets. You could invite friends or guildies to it. Im sure this is nothing new but i wanted to throw it out there.

I know you probably read this thread already, but…

“Housing will never be available, due to massive amount of work. However they plan to make some updates and changes in museum.”

So not just ‘tricky’ but ‘never be available’ unless it’s somehow part of the museum. I know, I know…maybe never didn’t really mean never. But sometimes never does mean never.

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they could use some of the stuff that they used with the museum though just on a much smaller case
when you enter the museum you enter your museum im not a developer obviously but it was just a thought

[quote=“IrritableCabbage, post:2, topic:4513”]
“Housing will never be available, due to massive amount of work. However they plan to make some updates and changes in museum.”

So not just ‘tricky’ but ‘never be available’ unless it’s somehow part of the museum. I know, I know…maybe never didn’t really mean never. But sometimes never does mean never.

There are a couple of extra doors going nowhere when you first zone into the museum. Either could easily be made into a studio type flat using what’s already in the museum. (or bigger for aurum/mofs)

Understandably housing on the scale of EQ2 or ESO or even SWTOR isn’t likely to happen, but something like LoTRO has using the museum shouldn’t be ridiculously hard I’d think.


Easiest would be for them to design some house interiors, let you assign one to your account, and then let you invite people in. Or would that not suffice? I was happy in SWTOR with the ships, so the houses were a bonus I didn’t really exploit.

Given how the museum already functions, there’s no reason they couldn’t expand it an extra room or two and give a few new purchasable items like the pedestals to place on static locations in the “apartment”. DCUO does a similar thing with lairs and how different items are placed there.

Honestly, though, with how everything else is monetized, I don’t think they’d really get much out of the effort, so I can see why it’s basically dead to them.

This. We got a hard “no” on housing back in TSW, too. Until the producer (or product manager, I forgot) saw how much demand there was for it. Then that “no” suddenly turned into a “maybe”.

If we’re back to a “no” now, that means they’ve done the calculations and they don’t add up. It’s not that player housing isn’t possible, it’s just not worth the resources over other features.

Right. Group content and pvp are apparently still worthwhile from what was said, but housing–seemingly not.

(Unless, again, it’s some kind of museum feature)

Perhaps, narutoblaa, it’ll be something they talk about in 2019.

I don’t get this obsession with player housing in MMOs. If you want to play house, log off your computer and go clean yours, it probably needs it anyways.


It’s RP thing. Person need a place to belong, even if it’s tiny empty room with mattress on the floor. I don’t know what everyone else mean by housing, I don’t play other MMOs, but in single player games we often have some hotel room with a chest with belongings - which would be really fine with me.

Well ultima online had it one of the first MMOs but that was also a very cut throat game where you could murder a player and loot everything he has on his person.

For those fine with just a room, Tabula Rasa might offer something that could be used.

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Why not room in Love Hotel then?

Love hotel is a bit stronger with its theme, although i think there is one that is a bit more neutral if you ignore the rest of the building. But either is an option if you just want a small place to use. The hotel in Seoul comes to mind as well. If you want a more street option, there is a small corner somewhere in Darkside. All except the Tabula Rasa rooms are fairly in the open though.

Housing in a form a flat would be great, and I think it would make sense in form of income for Funcom if there was some decoration options attached, I think most people would do something with it.

However, I am concerned how much resources they have in addition of making story content. It is to be seen what pace they are able to deliver more.

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You don’t have to “get it”. There are probably things you enjoy that others don’t “get”, either. But there’s no need to be condescending about it.

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It very probably wouldn’t. The players who most want housing probably wouldn’t care for a “pick one of three default flats” system; surely they’d want customization. In fact, customization is what they’d probably be willing to really pay for. Sso there’s no point in offering housing without customization.

And while three default flats shouldn’t be that much work (unless the game’s engine is much worse than anyone suspects), offering good customization may actually be really tricky.

For example, player housing fans would want to see if the new carpet, sofa and widescreen TV work well together - and undo all changes with one click if not. That’d be a much more dynamic editing process than the museum has (strictly one item at a time). That’d certainly be more work than copying the code for how the museum places customizables; it might be massively more work, or possibly even be outside the engine’s capabilities.


Barebones or pre-decorated apartments really won’t satisfy what players are looking for in a housing system. Especially not when you have older MMOs out there that have really done housing right (looking at you, EverQuest II).

Because there is literally no point to that, given the login screen makes for a piss-poor RP location.

I don’t really care about housing in SWL myself, actually, because I feel ‘drifter’ chars work best and the hotels, bars and whatnot in-game serve those well enough.

But a demand for player housing in MMOs is something usually linked to wanting a RP space of one’s own, and SWL does not seem to be an exception in that regard.
(That’s probably why hardly anyone seems to use the museum much, btw; everyone and their grandma having a museum in London just doesn’t really work well from a storytelling perspective.)