Player generated purges using own thralls against another player/clan

Although I came up with the concept for this feature myself, I did notice before posting, that someone else made a similar suggestion here:

The reason I’m going forward with posting this is because the thrall system has seen some updates and the game performs better.

My inspiration for this suggestion comes from the fact that there is no incentive to capture thralls after you’ve progressed enough into the game where you already have 55 followers. Talking from personal experience, I currently sit on more than 20 chests of fighters and archers, and so I wish there would be more usage for the thralls in the game.

Player generated purges using own thralls against another player/clan:

  • It could be implemented as a new bench called “war table”.
  • When accessing this table, the player will interact with a different UI screen where they can chose from already placed thralls that they own to form a purge unit.
  • Crafters can be added for passive bonuses that will affect the purge unit, such as increased damage, hp regen, more hp, damage reduction, etc
  • The purge unit can be organized within a number of waves, each wave containing a limited number of thralls.
  • Once the purge unit is complete, players can chose to craft a purge banner.
  • The purge banner can be placed anywhere outside areas claimed by other players.
  • The thralls belonging to the newly formed purge unit, along with their gear and inventory, will be teleported per wave.
  • The attacking clan can participate to the purge, while the defending clan can only defend their base and will receive a notification with a 10min start delay.
  • Teleported thralls will have building damage flag set to true and will have walking toggled until they enter combat. Thralls will automatically agro nearby structures if there’s any in their set attack range.
  • The teleported thralls that are outside combat should be redirected to the enemy base using the attack player command already present in the game. This action can only be performed once, making thralls that are already in combat immune to this command.
  • This system gives a different meaning to capturing thralls. As it is, we’re stacking chests on chests full of thralls that serve no purpose and this system would give more incentive to capture thralls. It will also give players enough reason to keep crafting armor, weapons, hunt for legendaries, and craft high tier food.
  • It would make PvP more interesting and bring more fun to the game. I think it would also make for a good PvE feature since players will fight thralls which are NPCs.
  • This content will be unique every time you do it and you’ll never get bored of it because player bases are so different and there’s alot of player vs player interraction involved.
  • Pets can also be used.
  • After 45 minutes, players will recieve a cd on this feature, being unable to craft more banners for a week and the attacked clan/player would be flagged as unattackable for a week making their buildings immune to thrall damage.
  • Once the purge ends, remaining thralls that survived will be teleported back to the attacker base in their default guarding position and have build damage set off.

From a development point of view, Funcom only needs to create the UI for this.
Thralls/Pets will only be teleported per wave, directly from the player base. There’s no actual spawning.
Players will have to use a banner item, chosing the teleport location.
The attack command, the players already have in-game, can be reused as an area of effect for all thralls of a wave, only once to allow for a balanced experience and to add strategic gameplay.
This can replace the purge and would have the same impact on server performance as normal purges do.

I think this should be in the game. It would change the game for the better.

Best regards.

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