Player sounds replaced by Large cat sound FX


Since the latest update, all co-op players and my own character sounds have been replaced by tiger/ sabretooth sounds that all players hear.

Actions like attacking, moving/ sprinting, taking damage, and any emotes with sound or voicelines are now replaced by these Cat sounds (roars, growls, etc.)
both myself and my co-op partner are affected, both of our actions make the sound fx and we both hear the other persons cat fx.

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i have the same problem.
you can always hear the sound of a lion.
if i hit in the air with my fists the lion roars louder.

PC version, no isle of siptah

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It’s a known bug

A temporary fix is to make an Orb of Nergal aka Vanity table, and change the player voice.

It will stop the rocknose growl.
Hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch.

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