Players messing up the server 3985

After a war to achieve alpha status on server 3985, the losing clan dissatisfied with defeat now gets polluting the server with thousands of random constructs to leave the server heavy, as a result of that attitude of those losers the whole server is paying with screens of loading many time consuming, it takes as long to enter the game as if you are going to pick up a teleport. Overnight falls servers and not to mention that the losers are blocking respawn of matters of the game! I ask that you from Funcom help us clean the server of materials from the "Renegados!



Yup good luck with that. There is nothing that can or will be done, this is just a pure case of a group of people salty with losing. It happens a lot and does nothing but grief the server.

Also, this is another prime example of why the gods should be back to their old strength.

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You need to make a decision, as a server. Do you start bombing it out? Or do you stop bombing, and let it decay. Make sure everyone is on the same page, since bombing will cause the decay time to refresh (which will work against the tactic of letting it all decay out).

If the salty losers continue to log on and refresh, your hands will be tied.


Quite frankly and brutally - the war for Alpha status hasn’t been won yet - if it was the clan would not spamming the server with sandstone structures … they are openly defying the clan that now declares themselves as Alphas…

So long as the clan do not:
A) block access from the desert spawn into the game
B) do not block access to any dungeon required to get keystone components
C) do not cheat or exploit
Then funcom shouldn’t intervene in this case in my opinion.

It’s pretty obvious that they are being allowed to gather and build un-molested … it’s a PvP server … kill them and strip them whenever you and them are on together so they can not continue to do this. Summon avatars and destroy that weak sandstone. If OP is not part of the new Alpha … then seek their assistance to destroy the clan still defying their rule of the server. If the OP is not part of the new Alphas clan - then get the Alphas permission to go to war with clan spamming the sandstone and obliterate the structures from the map and relentlessly kill the players until they come to the bargaining table and seek mercy.

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