Players showing up in Player List

Wondering about the inner workings of people showing up on the Player List. I know if you speak in Global you show up, but I have also seen people on the list you never have spoke in Global. Nor have I heard them speak in local and they are not in my clan.

What would make a player show up in the player list otherwise? If they speak to someone across the map in Local will that still show for everyone on the server? Will they show up if they are nearby? It is a bit weird.

I beleive anyone who use the game chat ( even in clan chat ) will show up in the list . ( I am not 100% sure when I say this but I have seen a fair amount of time , persons of the same clan showing up in the list while not having written anything in general chat) . ( also I’m on pve-c , so the list is only hidden on pvp hours ) - the other option is that the clans I see don’t use the clan chat but the local chat , in which case there may be a possibility to speak in clan chat without having your name showing in the player list .

Yep, all chat will reveal their names in the player list. Global, Local, Clan, and even voice chat will cause you to appear.

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