Players using Conan Exiles, as if it is Minecraft (1011)

It sounds like they are spending a lot of time playing the game to build that big. They just aren’t playing the game the way you want them to.


report them

Look more like they play it a lot if their base is that size. They just don’t play like you want the game to be played if you have a narrow vision of how the game should be played and don’t want anyone else to play to it in another way you might be the one that need to go on solo play or try something else than sandbox games. Some like the story, other collecting stuff like legendary/named thralls, some like building or even all of it! When playing on servers you need to be ready to see and play along all kind of interest and goals in this kind of game. You could even look for private server populated with peoples that play the game in a similar way than you do!


Sounds like its time to move to another server, or do like we do and wait them out, then pillage them we they leave.
And they will leave.


…or come to a private server with a good admin. :smiley:

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If you have any proof it actually stresses the server, feel free to report them to Funcom using the procedure established in the official rules.

If they built so much, I’m pretty sure it can’t be said they don’t play the game.

The dungeons are optional. You can’t – and shouldn’t be able to – force other players to play your way. As for not being able to handle a Purge, well, that would be their problem, wouldn’t it? If they really build as much as you make it sound, they should be getting Purged fairly often. And if they don’t know how to handle it, then the Purge will damage their builds. At any rate, I have no idea why it’s anyone’s concern but their own.

Now we get to the real point. Blocking roads and nodes is not only selfish and impolite, it’s also pretty much something you can report them for.

I wish people would stop conflating big builds with people who build without regard for others. It’s possible to build big on an official server without inconveniencing anyone.

That’s literally not how it works. They published the official rules a long time ago and the link to those rules would pop up in your game every time you logged in – for a long time – and still nobody seems to have actually read the rules. The way it works is not that Funcom monitors the servers and acts upon what they see. The way it works is that players report rule-breakers and then Funcom can act on that.


Why? From reading the OP, it sounds like hes upset with a big ugly build. Id like to see whats blocked because Im betting its nothing serious.

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Looks like this is the case.

Besides if its PVE, what are you supposed to do other than build? I’ve bought all the DLCs, you’d damned sure I would build my heart out to get my money’s worth.

Dungeons, Bosses, Story… I dunno about you all, but I’ve done all that stuff a hundred times. If… IF… I were to play on an official, it would be to build something crazy. For what else could there be to do on a PVE server?

If you want extra content, or to frick, or whatever you need mods. And maybe they don’t want to use mods. So they build.

Also you can’t slow down a server with a build on a 1x server. The servers aren’t old enough to gather the number of mats needed. You can only cause slow downs on people’s potatoes if they have low specs using alot of light sources. But that’s about it. The servers themselves are quite redundant to builds.


It would be pretty hard to slow down a server with just a build, yes. I imagine that there are a few techniques that could help exacerbate any server performance impacts, but I doubt that a PVE player would be using them.

On the other hand, they did mention “beasts, beasts and more beasts”. Since the follower cap is still not active on official servers – seriously, what’s up with that, Funcom? – I can imagine an agglomeration of pets that would cause the server FPS to plummet down.

Please read our official server rules and procedures to see what to do should you encounter a situation that could be considered an infraction.

Ignasis… I have to ask this… and I really hope you respond… are you guys actually looking into tickets?

yes I understand your short handed… yes I understand your doing the best you can… this has all been said but I am asking…

are you actually checking tickets and claims that provide evidence?

Then I would ask you this… you reply with " We can not give you any information on if any action was taken"

But I know if action was taken cause if the obelisk and dungeon walls are still there blocking it I know nothing was done… so I have to ask man is there someone doing this or is this just to keep the community calm?

Then if they block the dungeons and obelisks off with crenulation at the top but leave a door open do you still consider that griefing or because the door is open its ok? cause if thats ok then I would start doing the same thing

I dont want to do it but if everyone else is allowed to do it I want to be allowed to do it as well

We have same thing on 1302, besides it is t3 blocks, not sandstone.
I wonder if sheer size is solid reason to report it. I reported on a theme park sprawled from Volcano to broken aqueduct and had no visible result. 1.5 months later they seem to forget to log in and reset their timers.

I’m pretty sure that they’re not prioritizing claim spam. And I don’t blame them, since I’m sure there are plenty of higher priority reports to process, e.g. undermeshers, people blocking up dungeons or obelisks, etc.

FWIW, my own experience – which is only a single data point – is that I reported a claim spammer 6 weeks ago and I got a standard reply: they’ll look at it when they can and they won’t tell me what they decided to do. The claim spam is still on that server and the spammer is still refreshing it regularly. The spam doesn’t block access to anything and doesn’t suppress any important spawns or resource nodes. The only problems with the spam are: 1) if you want to get to certain places, you have to run a significant detour around the spam, and 2) it doesn’t use the claimed land for anything, it simply prevents people from building there.

Should cases like this be reported? I believe so. Do they deserve high priority? Not really. Will they ever be processed? Maybe. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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For what it is worth, Funcom does look into tickets and on our server they just took care of a massive spam issue. It can take some time though.

That being said, I do wish there was a way to know the status of tickets. Would help alleviate the concern from many that nothing is being done.

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Not to sound like a broken record but besides undermeshing (a fix is in work) I think the lack of a land claim system with some reasonable constraints is one of the top issues with this game.

Our clan now has “mega” bases not so much out of choice but out of necessity on our PVP server. There was one player, who was a notorious cheat, who claimed whole sections of the map with spam and giant structures. In order for defend ourselves from said player, we (and other clans) also had to build mega bases (otherwise he would spam right up to your base).

I’m generally in favor of improving the claim mechanics, but that’s because I play on PVE and PVE-C servers. The fact that someone plays on a PVP server and thinks that the claim system should be changed because of massive bases means, to me, that PVP is really broken.

If people can easily build a massive base in the game mode whose point is that other people can destroy your buildings, then there’s something seriously wrong with that game mode.

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What I think is an issue is that the costs to build said bases are far cheaper than the costs to destroy them. As a result one cannot easily deal with the serial “spammers”, etc. due to the cheapness of making even T3 foundations vs. the cost of a bomb or an Avatar.

Official servers are free and open to all. All server attract good and bad players. Some players have axes to grind (insert one of a hundred weird reasons) and they enjoy the anonymity of a virtual platform to do it in.

The Official Rules (see @CodeMage post) state to report exploits and overly abusive players. It sounds like the players you refer to may be abusing the server, but report it if you wish to.

As with pretty much any multiplay game out there, there have always been griefers and bullying. Vote with your feet, or find a small place to weather them out. They mostly move on or get tired of messing about and go to other games.

If you move on @Pazsu, do what others in the replies have suggested - move to an unofficial server. Private servers (usually rented) will have Admin player(s) who will moderate abusive players. You will find PvP and PvE, etc private servers and, if you cannot find one you like, and you have enough fellow players that feel the same, you can collectively rent one from one. Depending on where you live, you’re possibly looking at anything from 10 to 15 $/£ a month for 20 or so players?
With private servers you can also look at mods?

Funcom have a huge number of official servers running 24/7 and it is not practical to monitor all player activity. FC fix glitches and exploits as often as possible, but as you say, building mammoth builds and housing hundreds of pets and thralls and players inside, causes terrible lag - you think you have lag. Believe me, the players themselves have lag that must be mind-blowing! I suspect many of those clans will get sick of playing and move on to other servers (I see that on my servers). when they do that, their bases will slowly fall to pieces due to Decay mechanics.

Of course, PvP plays two ways. There is nothing stopping you (and your clan) from blowing up strategic parts of their walls. That’s the trouble with building very big: a little damage to the bottom of the structure can have the whole lot collapse :slight_smile: - and that’s fully within the rules of the game. Just a thought…?

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Allways the same answer, if you dont like it, dont play it.
Hahaha, i guess you are also one of the builder only. But it is true that if you only want to build and dont ahve any community feeling, play single mode or do like me, rent your own server.
On 1090 there is also many builders not players, i asked one why he/she build all over, answer i got was
’ its a crappy game and building is the only thing to do’.
PLAY single mode then, cause there are players who like to build AND play the game.


With my clan mates we decided to do both; wait them out and refresh and we will rent our own server, thanks all of the people who read and replied. I will not report, because builders come and go. I love the game and many of the players.