Playstation Offline singleplayer Mode Completely Broken

Since the start of Age of War, the single player offline mode on either ps4 or ps5 have been completely broken. The biggest problem is stuff disappearing It happens when I’m logging back in after I have been logged out for whatever reason. “Stuff” could be full inventories of weapens/food/potions/tools/materials/etc, from me or any benches/chests/thralls.

Sometimes my base just disappears. All the inventory/thralls in my benches I can find back in bags on the ground.

Sometimes Thralls are just gone, or sometimes a thrall let’s say a female gets replaced with a generic male model with white hair. Same can happen to the player character. It even changes my own female character into a that same generic male, wich is not reversable because you can’t change gender in the orb of nergal.

Sometimes it is my invested attribute and/or Knowledge points disappearing. When this happens you can only go back to 59 points instead of 60.

The worst case in when my Player just disappears. I load my save and instead of just going back where I was, I’m send to Create a character. Wich is just basically starting a new game, all progression lost.

I started having these issues on my PS4 after age of war came out, I now have a PS5 but the same exact thing is happening so my console cannot be the issue. I noticed when I exit the game and the loading screen freezes, I’m always having one of these issues. But also when I instead exit from my PS homescreen these issues happen.

I can barely play a couple of hours before problems start happening. It is making this game absolutely impossible to play and completely broken.


I had exactly the same problems. I reported them already a month ago and I saw many other players did it before. By chance I came here today to look for any improvement of the situation. But nothing has changed. It is a shame that Funcom does not care about the problems.
I realy would like to continue my singleplayer game. But it is not possible atm.
It shouldn`t be to difficult to safe a game proper.

Hi, I’ve had the same problems even got locked out of my own builds I owned the doors and crafting stations but everything else apparently belonged to someone else or so the game told me. The only thing I found that fixes this is first save the game often when its working. I use a thumb drive. I play another game, load a save and then just save and exit that game. Then go back to Conan. It’s been working for me so far. I just had to do it yesterday because “game save not found.” Hope this helps.

My character changed from w to m. I lost my skill progress, travels and some buildings. I dont want to quit but this sucks

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Omg, that sucks! Welcome to the forum.
I thought that loosing the breast size of my character was an issue, but reading all the above, i am happy i have an issue that can be fixed in an orb of negral. It’s annoying, but not like all the above i read in this topic, i am sorry guys.
Yet, i was reading a dev reply the other day on the xbox bugs section. The dev suggested to the player to log in on an official server, because the game somehow retrieve lost data. Did anyone of you own psn to give it a try?

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