Please add a minimap and compass

So it’s going to be more easier to go to a certain place on the minimap by the help of the compass, it’s hard to stop and open the map from settings why’ll you are running from an enemy, and all so please add a save button to this game, it’s the second time for me to say this.


Im pretty sure this is a conscious design decision to NOT have a minimap. The idea is that you are a bit lost… a save button would negate the pvp idea in total, and in single player you can go to admin panel and keep inventory on death, and make your buildings invincible, so its effectively a save game.


Yeah probably but my whole game crash and everything gets deleted in the ps4 version is really hard to play i don’t now about you but i feel that’s better to play the game with a save button or tou go to the bed in save some people dont want to use the admin panel and i mean in the singleplayer not the co op or online i mean it just would be better a little and what’s the difference if you just add the minimap it just save time for you
better then opening the settings

I play on ps4 so I’m curious what happens. Are you playing on officials? Everything getting deleted, is that building decay?

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Just wanted to jump in and let you know that if you press the :arrow_right: button on the D-pad you will open the map. That way you don’t have to go through the settings :slight_smile:


I know but what I’m saying is why’ll you do that you are not moving you’re in your place getting attacked by exiles or mobs thank you for your reply

i wouldnt mind if they added a compass at least if you have a compass in your hot bar

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That’s untrue, if you are on pc you can push numlock for the autowalk feature and open the map while walking-running. Not sure what’s the button for autowalk on game consoles.

I dont think we have that

Why would you want to access the map when you are being attacked by mobs? Far better to climb to a higher level where you are safe if you are unsure of the area.

As is the case with 90% plus of survival games, put yourself in the mind of the character you are playing, would you really want to open up a map while three Hyenas are snapping at your heels?


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@Ignasi pardon to bother, but isn’t there an autorun feature on consoles like on pc?

As long as its optional, I’m in… otherwise: Please don’t.

No i hope that there’s one

Yeah that’s what i wanted if it was optional for people that want’s it and people that don’t

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Well i mean if it was optional at least it wouldn’t annoy other people some people going to play with it and some not and i guess that’s fair to every one because i don’t enjoy a certain game without the minimap it would make things easier to me and other players it’s something so simple :innocent: if they add that optional that ain’t going to annoy players that doesn’t want it.

True at least a compass

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I believe so as well. And after a few (20+_ hours in game, you will learn map north just buy finding the Volcano, and picking out landmarks in the environment. Jungle is the only real area where there is a lost feeling. but that is how it should be. Mounds in a few of the thick forest areas esp. at night can get one turned around. but like life, the more you spend in an area of CE, the easier it is to get oriented with direction.

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There is already one, modded one that is, not for officials because it will unbalance gameplay.
If you want the option, ok, but it should be forced disabled in officials, so only for private servers, and since there’s already a mod that you can use in SP and private servers then…you get where I’m going with this.

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What would be cool is a topography/navigation feat where you can make compssas and maps by making paper at an artisans table and forging a compass
You could equip it (them) to have a mini map

IQOL (Improved Quality of Life) mod has a minimap/compass functionality in it, if playing modded is an option.