Please change pictish interior wall texture

The interior walls of the pictish theme are ugly as heck, why are they not the same dark brown as the windows or the sloping walls? The ugly white wallpaper stands out too much, placing signs or torches on them makes it all look like a mess… Everything else about this dlc is perfect, just the interior walls need to keep the same wooden texture as everything else…

Pictish walls (and all pieces of pictish style) are just a little… stranges.

Before someone will kill me: no I don’t know about pictish history and background, so I suppose there will be a perfect explaination in Conan the Barbarian Universe.

But the exterior is like tribal - very aggressive and rude style, interior seems to see an old Church.

I use the DLC just for the interior walls and the down face of ceils, usually I extern-cover it with Khitan or something else.

So I disagree a little with your suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

But… de gustibus non disputandum est. :wink:


Whaaat ?!!! Especially the interior walls are awesome. I would love the opposite, make the exterior the same as the interior, or make a new building wall tile where both sides are like the interior and a new tile where both sides are like the exterior. And when you do it for the Pictish tiles you should do it for all :innocent:

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Funny! The pict dlc is the only one I have not purchased because of the external appearance. The interior actually looked nice to me.

The construction isn’t actually Pictish. Picts live in crude huts in deep forests. The construction style is Frontier, inspired by the story Beyond the Black River, where Aquilonian colonists attempt to expand into Pictish territory, building forts to protect their settlements. That’s why the exterior walls are crude and designed for defense (that is, to keep the actual Picts out!), whereas the interior is more akin to Aquilonian style.


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