Please correct the nonsensical movements of the celestial bodies


I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the celestial bodies that can be seen in Conan Exiles are behaving nonsensically (and both the sun and the moon are disproportionate on top of that) astronomically speaking.
First of all, the moon is extremely big whereas the sun is extremely small. Just take Earth: Both the sun and the moon have the same apparent size, which means that the moon is able to eclipse the sun at a small area, and the Earth is able to eclipse the moon - providing they form a (nearly) straight line. Being this out of proportion, solar eclipses (if they were implemented) would last significantly longer an also cover a larger area, and lunar eclipses could even become annular.
However, considering the size of both the sun and the moon, I wonder about the distance of this world from its sun as well as the distance of the moon from this world (or rather the size of the moon).

Another striking point is that all celestial bodies are moving into different directions: The sun is traveling from South to North, the moon is moving from West to East, and the stars are moving from the North to the South. This combination makes absolutely no sense.
Assuming that this world is, like Earth, rotating from West to East, all celestial bodies would have to move from East to West (since the sky is apparently moving in that direction). Also, since the movement of any moons is normally not reversed, that would have the moon revolve around the world, moving from West to East. This also implies that the moon rises later and later every day as it starts with the new moon (not visible in the night sky - potential for adding solar eclipses) to a crescent moon (setting shortly after sunset) waxing to half moon, then to bulbous and to a full moon (visible during the entire night - potential for adding lunar eclipses). After passing that point, the moon wanes to bulbous, half and again crescent (its rise closing in on sunrise) before turning into a new moon again. Rinse and repeat.
This also means that the phase of the moon changes when it changes its position relative to the sun. The problem is that currently the moon is only seen at night so any change in phases doesn’t make any sense at all (add the strange movement of the sun, and it makes even lss sense).

Also the stars seem to move from East to West as the world rotates, with any constellations shifting their positions as the days are passing, and as the seasons change, the constellations appear just before sunrise and continue to rise earlier and earlier until their setting starts to approach sunset (the constellations can be seen riding high in the sky or even farther to the West at nightfall and set some time afterwards).

Also depending on the latitude of the area this game takes place in, everything revolves around some imaginary point in the sky so the axis of rotation needs to be taken into account as well, both for what can be seen and for a potential seasonal change. This also allows for adding actual seasonal changes like rising and dipping temperatures, changes in weather patterns, etc.
Since no world has a perfectly vertical axis of rotation in respect to its orbital plane, it’s highly likely that there are seasons: The bigger the tilt of the axis, the more prominent the seasons.

Also, since the plane of the moon’s orbit rarely matches the plane of the world’s orbit around the sun, that means that some particular positions are needed for eclipses to occur, and the shadow of the moon usually passes above or below the world so nothing can be seen. Flipping it around, the moon also tends to pass above or below the world’s shadow so no eclipse can be seen here, either.

It would improve the atmosphere of the game if these things were adjusted so that they make sense astronomically speaking. It also opens the door for adding astrological events depending on the constellation, the phase of the moon, the season, etc. - and even eclipses can be taken into account.

Adding this shouldn’t be a problem, because the mathematics behind this are rather straightforward.

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Agreed, it would be great if the Sun actually rose in the east and set in the west, very disorienting esp given the lack of a minimap or compass in the HUD.

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The Conan universe does take place on Earth. Only, several ages ago. Something like 3 cataclysms have taken place since then, reducing humanity to cavemen each time. But still, Earth.

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For starters - there isn’t any indication given in the game about the orientation of the map. Up doesn’t always equal North. While it is jarring to have the skybox items moving different directions - You also gotta remember, this is Conan. We literally use elder god space magic to open portals after killing a demon. There is an unnatural looping sandstorm. I think it’s safe to infer from everything that the janky sky effects are meant to add to the feeling of ‘hey there’s some messed up business going on here.’


True, the Hyborian Age is a pre-Ice Age setting on Earth.

…But is what we experience in the Exiled Lands even real? Or is it just the feverish dream of a dying person on a cross? Or hallucinations caused by a mad sorcerer? Does the world within the cursewall follow the normal laws of nature, or is it in another reality altogether?


I’d go with Kapoteeni here: The Exiled lands look more like being imprisoned in a dreamworld, and being reborn after death (which is not ‘real’) is just to prolong your stay in this prison.

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Agreed! It irritates me up until now, when my shadow points east in the morning etc.
On the other hand, i like the dreamworld setting, but this has to be more elaborated storywise …ok the story should be more elaborated anyway :wink:

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The Exiled Lands being a demi-plane (ala the old Ravenloft D&D setting) would make a lot of sense. It would also tend to tie-in with dialog from both Conan and The Outcast.

Even so, I’d still appreciate it if the Sun came up at the right side of the map and set at the left. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope for a Singleplayer game, or more like a Strategic/Building/Roleplay -Thing (Which it could be).
Exiles, labrats of the gods, fighting for influence on us, be lonely warrior, be Emporer, or manage to escape. kind of my dream of a game like always.

Sure there is. The weather patterns in each biome.

Doesn’t matter though, I thought the same thing in regards to the explanation of the sun and moon movement. There’s sorcery afoot!!! :wink:

Most of my friends and i Just use the visual of the Volcano as Due North. It can be seen from almost anywhere on the map.

Two things: “You cannot pass into the endless wastes, Enslaved” and the verbiage on the stone outside of Chaosmouth, on the ruin that juts out over the Highlands tells me The Exiled Lands are not on earth as we know it. The Highlands used to be verdant farmland, and while that may have hinged on the aqueduct system, which may or may not have been damaged in the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria, the Highlands are much too cold for farmland now.

I have studied this situation with a team of robotic DeGrasse-Tysons and it appears as if we are on a pancake terra-like satellite somewhere above the earth. This satellite is either alien-made, man-made, chimera-made or has been carved off of the earth by some great cataclysm. Some modern sorcerers even say it’s a holodeck. The endless wastes would be space. But in the Exiled Lands I’m immortal so I won’t ask too many more questions. :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


The sun and the moon do not always have the same size on the sky actually. And it is ofc not needed for solar or lunar eclipses.

Geez man, you are talking about dynamic lighting effects in a 3d video game. Clearly you have no idea that what you are asking for is quite a reach for a earthbound sandbox rpg. You may want to consider looking into how game engines work.

What you are asking for is WAY too much.

Actually, no, it’s not way too much to ask for. It’s fairly straightforward - which is why I’m inclined to believe that the whole night-sky shenanigans are a deliberate stylistic choice.

Talk to the Ymir religion trainer. He will put everything into perspective.
Exiled Lands is a pocket dimension.


He believes it is, anyways. It is a theory. No one knows for sure. And obviously leaving teaches the player nothing, as you just make a totally new character afterward.

I think it’s along these lines.
The Exiled Lands are akin to purgatory, and taking off your bracelet at the end and traveling beyond the wall is basically moving on into the next life.

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