Please Disallow other players from chopping up our corpses

My friend was recently playing when another player helping in a purge was able to chop up their corpse which caused their loot to decay within minutes. This seems like an utterly pointless & grief-rich feature. Why is this still a thing?

I don’t even know if I can get my friend back to play they were so frustrated. Maybe this can be removed?

I feel like with the proper context we could figure out a solution to get your pal back. But big crux was this an accident or on purpose? Was he griefed? Also are you guys on pvp or not?

But i dont think it should be removed. If we are worrying about griefing abuse i feel lile a pile of corpses preventing you from opening a door or interacting with a chest would be wayyyyy worse than someone sneaking out of a bush after youve died, whacking your corpse with a skinning knife, then going “teehee”

We asked for help in a purge & one of the other players (not one of my friends) just chopped up her body… not sure why they did it. I’ve crafted a bunch of stuff to make up for it all but the whole thing just made her so frustrated she just logged off.

I think a better solution may be not having player corpses have collision (which i’m not even sure they do). & only be choppable if there is no loot. It seems far more exploitable to destroy a persons entire inventory rather than blocking a door (which may not even be possible.)

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