Removing Inactive Player Bodies

Playing a co-op game, another player joined. That was all well and good, until they left the game without doing anything. Now I’m stuck with a player’s body cluttering up my base, dangly bits all flopping about. Since they’re not actively playing, I can’t kick them from the list. Is there a way to remove their bodies from the world? Tried interacting with it in-game, nothing happened. Is there a function I’m missing somewhere?

If it’s co-op, you should be able to just chop up the body.

Tried that. Axe, skinning knife, pick. Nothing did anything to it. Instead of a name it just calls them [Offline] and nothing happens. Will try again.

EDIT: Tried again. No response to any of my tools or weapons. And it says [UNCONSCIOUS] not [Offline]. Interaction menu brings up “Invite to Clan” and “Cancel” options. When I invite to clan, it brings up the invitation dialogue box on my screen.

Start a new game.
Your “personal” server should reset and the body should “go away”.
I can understand your hesitation to do this if you’ve built BIG.
Believe me. I’ve reset my server more times than I can count and I have in the memory of my mind some of the greatest builds I’ve ever done.

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