Offline player in pve server

me and my friends are playing on a private PvE server, one of our friends just couldnt get into the game and uninstalled now his body is blocking any building is there any command an admin can use to kill the player while he is offline? or anything that we can do to remove the unconsious body

If you have Pippi mod installed just ban the player.

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you can try to lure a nearby enemy… maybe placing a palisade next to his body.
or ask him for his steam account to enter the game to move the body.

I would probably turn off bodies remain in the world and restart the server. You can then try enabling it again, your friend should not appear until they decide to log in again. This is provided that you don’t want to kill them.


has food and water use been turned off for offline players in your server? I ask as on my server, while reduced, it is still a thing and eventually (several days or so) the sleeping character expires, removing the body until they next log in.

Turn on PVP, kill hm, turn off PVP…

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