Get rid of clan member!

I have someone in my clan who stopped playing with us and I want to kick him but his body is still in the house. I’m on PVE on PS4 so I can’t kill him myself. Is there anyway to get his body out of here? I thought about knocking out a NPC and putting him in the room with him and hoping he kills him.

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The NPC wont kill an unconscious player. If you’re playing on PvE, I think the only way is using demonfire orbs. He should take fire damage eventhough he’s offline. And since it’s PvE, your buildings don’t take any damage.

Using a thrall to kill them on a PvE server will work, but they won’t simply attack an unconscious player on their own. Instead, you’ll have to be present when the NPC wakes up and draw its aggro.

When it attacks you, be certain to stand near the body so that it also gets hit by the NPC’s attacks. For these purposes, an NPC with a hammer or 2-hand sword will work best, whereas an archer will be nearly useless.

Naturally, you’ll want to either stow your gear or keep heals on you so the NPC doesn’t kill you as well. :wink: Skillful use of a shield may work, but IME it usually just causes the NPC to completely whiff their attack.


Or equip a shield. Stand there blocking with the unconscious player between you and the npc.

Edit: it only whiffs the combo. Not the first hit and the whole combo moves the npc out of range anyway

I’m going to try it. I have to get this body out the house. Thank you


It worked! Thank you so much, it’s so nice having him out the house.


Glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile:


So brute force and judicious use of a big hammer gets unwanted guests out of the house. A valuable life skill outside of Conan Exiles, too.

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Yeah, I’ve used the thralls to get unwanted guests out of the house.

Even had a clan mate do it to me…lol I was like “hey how did I die”, and then they showed me.

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