Pve unconscious bodies

any way to move logged off bodies of players . creates problems buildings . im on official pve eu ps4 sever , thankyou

drag a hostile NPC over to the body. You cannot bind them with rope or Hold E to drag like in Ark so if its a clan mate yall need to have a discussion about manners when they log back in. Kill them.

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pretty sure that doesn’t work on PvE though, not to mention the sheer impracticality of kiting an NPC into one’s own (supposedly well-defended) base

thankyou , though im still confused sorry . this is a random player just logged off . not in clan . I don’t know them . so a kited npc can kill them so body despawns ?

yea, players are not immune to npc damage. This works on pve-c so i hope it works for you. just make sure there is nothing around to kill the npc. I like to use bears, something with a nice aoe. Even a world boss if u have one close. when ur done you can finish off the npc or kite it away. After the player is dead you can harvest it. * note that i did say harvest, not loot. Skin the body to make it go away sooner*

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PvE and PvE-C are different, but I can’t say for absolute sure whether killing them via NPC will work. Looting them is definitely a no-go however.

I’ve done this before in PvE and it works just fine. Personally, I find the tail slap of a giant croc works well.

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On PvE I bring over a rock nose to kill unconscious players that logged off at a bad place that I’m building at

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