Please expand the construction blockage area near the Accursed Citadel

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Public Test Server - EU - PvE-C - IsleOfSiptah
TestLive client (Rev # 275862/28102)
No mods

This is how they set up so that to run to the boss and not clean a bunch of slaves and while this clan on the network, someone can not access the boss and the chests are empty

Clever, but yeah, I agree the ‘no build’ zone should be expanded a bit to prevent this kind of ‘cheesing’ bosses and loot.

Clan with the 6…, atleast install an elevator, Kappa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, these are those impudent Chinese who branded with 5000 foundations three squares on the map near the lower leihram on the server Public Test Server - EU - PvE-C - IsleOfSiptah

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s been sent to the team.
However, please remain respectful towards other players.