Please Fix this....It's game breaking

I can’t even begin to express how frustrated I am with this game… I have had this game literally since day one of alpha release, I spent almost $100 on the DLC and over 200 hours in the game and it feels like a waste of money right now. I don’t know what the hell went wrong with this game… But, I’m not here to slam this game, I’m here to address the most game breaking issue that has prevented me from playing this game for like a year give or take.

The combat is flat out not good in my opinion but that is only a minor problem that I can overlook because its not terrible. The AI however, are so broken and glitchy it is almost impossible to have any fun doing anything PVE related which is necessary for progression. I’ve been decked out in epic gear and have died to a simple hyena all because it was glitching and teleporting around me trying to figure out its path to me. They constantly no clip through you and other obstacles, I’ve been shot with arrows from an npc while they weren’t even holding a bow or even worse, not even looking at me. There’s a huge list of AI problems that just make this game unplayable for me and many others and they are consistently happening and it really is frustrating because I want to love this game, It’s beautiful, the crafting is awesome the building is awesome so much of this game is awesome, but the Ai is game breaking and I’m truly surprised I haven’t seen a single person complain about it. I really hope this gets through to someone.

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I think the AI and thrall pathing has been messed up since they decided NPCs needed to more readily fall off ledges/cliffs and swim. Which they don’t.

Whatever immersion this adds is undone immediately by archers constantly backing off of heights that would kill the player. With the added benefit of my now engaged thrall running to chase after them.

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This has been the AI since 2018 for me.

you’ve been playing since day one of alpha, have spent almost $100 in dlc’s but only have 200 hours in game? Something doesn’t add up there.

Why doesn’t it add up? There are people out there who do not play 8 hours every day.

ya 263 hours total. I’ve been on and off the game to watch development but mostly due to the AI issues, I also used to work 60 hour weeks so it was hard to get on. I bought all the dlc when I was informed that the game was “So much better” I get that I probably should have looked into it myself before playing again but I figured I could trust my friends lol

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