Please for all that is Holy or Unholy change Hardened Brick

You haven been reading my posts. I build only out of reinforced stone, and now DLC. Black ice is ugly.

I don’t know where you’re getting all your bark for drying that wood. For me drying wood is a once in a while luxury when my bark supplies are high.

Saying insulated wood is easier than shaped wood based on the number 5 being higher is just absurd.

Farming stones in the volcano takes 3min 20sec, to gather 10000 stone, you can get it even faster, and when you bring a trall you can just tranfser all of those stones to its invntory and continue, you can fill the trall to around 300 000 stone before you crash the game when opening such bigg ineventory, i tested on singleplayer if there was a limit to inventorysice. i usualy play on official PVE. making bricks of them is fast as hell, they changed the time it takes to melt and convert. Make yourself a few furnaces, i usualy cary 4-5 pics, and when last one breaks i have about 40k stone. yes its more timeconsuming but i would not like it any other way. i have a trall with about 100 000 blood from waste converting oil to derecto coins on a trall by the shrine, useing them to make shield for looks.

Fairly certain a thrall being able to carry that much is a bug. I can tell you for certain that gathering stone is not that quick for me. I am on 1x harvest and it takes me at least 5-10 minutes to gather 2500 stone, thats two thousand… not twenty thousand. My base is not in the volcano but the jungle, another hot bio where you are supposed to use stone not black ice. I was using a hardened steel pick with an advanced tool kit on it, I have just recently upgraded to a star metal pick. While I dont have the survival perk for better harvesting it should not be that big of a difference, 2.5k vs 10k in half the time or less.

I always aim for most efficiant and research for this, and with 1966hours on one server since release, im ahead you there. well some of those hours are on private serever doing research in admin mode.

Just timed it, 3k stone with my star metal pick in 3:55 seconds along the beach where stone was plentiful. Either way its not 3 minutes for 10k stone.

Bottom line is Hardened stone needs to be a easier to make, and black ice harder to make, to bring them up to similar time and resource requirement. Yes it is possible to build hardened stone, but requires adjusting many things to be able to build it, building black ice does not require any special adjustments or re specs. If the two were equal you would see a 50/50 split of people using black ice vs hardened stone, or maybe even leaning towards harden stone because of dlc styles. The way it is now it is about 90/10 split for Black ice over hardened stone


It sounds like you’ve been so busy respecing, relearning your feats, and harvesting stone that you’ve somehow avoided learning how to rob thralls - or hit trees with pickaxes, despite your survival perk and 2x resource modifier. But mostly the former.

…I was going to say that the current state of Testlive actually adds teeth to the oil requirement in insulated wood, but it also adds teeth to the ichor requirement in consolidant. Still, 5x consolidant from 1 fish is definitely a better deal than 1 oil from from 1 fish. So that may actually be a move towards balance… except that you can still get oil from seeds, so it may end up being a further boost to black ice over reinforced stone instead. It remains to be seen if the system on Testlive goes through in its current state, though; right now what they’ve done to fishing makes most T3 (and cold-biome T2) seem borderline unworkable.

As far as insulated wood goes, go to a desert with a pick or two and gather the trees… you will have more dry wood + bark to make tar and resin than ever. Then if you need even more resin go gather trees in the cold region. I didnt have to deal with the addition of oil but meh thats even easier…

Quick question: How do you guys like to harvest ichor? Fish traps? Kill things?

Cooking unsavory fish and unappetizing shellfish or killing spiders and harvesting them with a pick as i keep a lot of options open.

Can you explain what exactly the changes on test live to ichor and oil are currently the patch notes were not clear. Currently I smash fish to get oil and cook shellfish to get ichor, which with 5 or 6 shellfish traps makes ichor easy to get, which is good because its used for a lot more than consolidate and farming spiders doesnt cover it.

Fishing on Testlive takes bugs or slugs as bait, with no guarantee of a fish coming from your (5 I wanna say?) bugs. The days of 40-trap passive fisheries will be over just as much as the days of unclanned 100-thrall bases, and the days of a 5-trap passive fishery cranking out enough oil and ichor to fuel grand projects also look quite bleak.

Thanks, hopefully they consider how it will affect building and other things that require ichor and oil.

Check out the Swungle and farm Komodos with a pick as an easy way to get ichor. They drop a lot and it is much faster to run there, farm a lot and run back than to waste time on arachnids.

Seeds make oil too, and currently the bugs are only getting unappetizing fish, which is the best for oil. Along with the nerf to insulated wood, oil will be much harder to come by, so black ice/insulated wood will be a lot harder to make than reinforced stone…

All the materials needed for hardened brick can be obtained in the level 1 biome…

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