Please help....Game will not launch

Here is my deal. Just bought a brand new, straight from the factory, ASUS gaming laptop
11th Gen quad Core i7, Nvidia rtx 3070 8gb ddr6.
Open box, plug it in (cant wait to play Conan) windows update first, then driver update… ( all was up to date from ASUS)
installed Steam\Installed Conan

game wont start from the Funcom Launcher…
I have uninstalled steam and related apps, reinstalled Steam and related apps, Cleared download cashe, ran as admin both the Sanbox.exe file, and Funcom Launcher, this game will not even get to the first Conan loading screen, it just stops all together. nothing happens… Please help… Why cant funcom have a real custome support where you can talk to a person who can help…

Do you have a crash report or anything? What can you tell us?

Hello. When i press play button, launcher dissapears and nothing happens, only this window from Bullguard.
21:00:12: Starting BattlEye Service…

21:00:18: Launching game…
21:00:27: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don’t cause problems with the game.
21:00:27: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: “C:\Program Files\BullGuard Ltd\BullGuard\BgAMSI.dll”.

I try other options, but no one works…

Looks like Bullguard is marking BattlEye as a false positive.

I found this through google, posted by a bullguard customer support rep in response to a similar issue:


  1. Open BullGuard using the icon from the desktop or by going to Programs > BullGuard

  2. Click on Settings from the top, then Advanced from the top.

  3. Click Antivirus from the left and turn it off.

  4. Click on the BullGuard logo at the top, to return to the main screen, and click on the three dots button from the Antivirus box and choose Quarantine.

  5. Check the box next to the file and press the Restore button.

  6. Click on the Settings button on the top again, select Antivirus again and then select Tuning under it.

  7. Check the box for “Skip files/folders” and click on “files/folders”, then click on the + button and add the folder the program is in (but also any ProgramData and AppData folders the application may be using.

8. Check the box for “Skip specific processed”, click on “processes”, and click on the + button to add the executable files of your program.

  1. Turn the Antivirus back on.

Skipping step 8 will mean that, even if the real time engine will leave the program alone, the behavior of the program will still trigger alerts.

The correct approach would be to click on “Report false positive” when you know for a fact the program you are running is safe.


Try following those steps and see if it works for you.

Did you try the workaround for the 11th gen CPUs?

there is no crash report because the game never starts…it never does anything… justy goes back to desktop

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I will give it a try…

problem is that this paticular fix you are talking about, is for a saved game…There is no saved game here. the engine.ini file is blank, there is nothing there because the game has never started, so adding this code, will do nothing…as I am told from the Pippi guys, or at least someone I think is a Pippi guy…

I have no idea what Bullguard is and it is not installed on this machine… I cant find an .exe for it anywhere when I do a search for it… Got no clue here…

What are you talking about?? Let me copy it for you, there are 2-3 different fixes in that thread if you scroll past the 1st one:

That reply was in response to Roust, ignore it.

Check Narelle’s post and see if that helps you.

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I think you got a reply that was meant for someone else… sorry about that… I am going to try this one today… I will let you know what happens…

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This fix did not work either. I am thinking maybe this is a battle eye issue… This is so maddening. you would think that Funcom would be all over this… People want to give them money, lots of money, and they are making it very difficult for that to happen… And to top it all off, there is no way to contact them directly about this issue…I am at a loss… Just spent $1200 on a laptop that cannot play a game that is should shred on every level…

Thx Azazane, but i try this before and don’t works, but Narelle’s info has worked x me.
I have an i9-11900K, and that was the problem. Thx Narelle!

You can test if it a BattlEye issue by starting a solo game without it.
If this works fine, then it is. If not it is not a BattleEye issue.

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