Please help I need to know how to delete a saved game

HOW do I delete a saved game? I am not a paid member yet and i only get 1 saved game, I want to start over I missed some things.

You mean delete a character? In the character selection screen there is a little skull at the left side of the character slot, click that, enter you password and the character (with all items and so on) is gone - completely.

You can return to any zone (except some of the tortage solo destiny parts) and complete quests at a higher level. You will not see the ! icons on the quest givers but can still get the quests if you talk to them.

Also you can have multiple free to play accounts …you can not merge them later though.

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thank you so much i will go try it now

how do i get multiple? their all locked.

I mean accounts …so repeat how you made your first account. Pick a new user name and password and create a second account.
You can do that by going to the Funcom account page for age of Conan. I do not play via Steam so sorry can not help with instructions to do that via that interface.

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