Please make altars movable or refund materials for upgrading

Please make it either possible to move altars (no idea why it’s not) or let them give a refund of materials so they can be destroyed and recreated.

I was stuck in a foundation piece and had to destroy it. Unfortunately a glitch/bug in the editor doesn’t let me place a new foundation piece where one was because it is near an altar. This is basically a permanent scar on my base unless I destroy the altar.

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So unnecessary, it’s not like an altar is hugely expensive and since you can burn offerings, upgrading is breeze as well

How long to you think it would take someone on average to grind out the offerings to fully upgrade an altar? Longer than the 5 seconds it would take to move it I’m guessing.

Depends if you have been collecting the offerings when they drop. But I think they should fix the inventories and the sinking through foundations and ceilings before looking at trivial stuff like that

The offerings don’t drop, they have to be harvested. Why would you keep collecting them if you had a fully upgraded altar? Thing’s mostly just ornamental anyway maybe I’ll just delete it. It’s hardly “trivial” that the altar cannot be moved and it grows in a weird and counterintuitive way offering you no chance to correct its placement, or get back the offerings if you have to delete it.

Typical kinda stuff, go to a game forum with an obvious quality of life problem that has been complained about for years, and someone will trivialize the issue and say there is no problem.

Moveable altar would be nice.


Altars are very tricky. Allowing them to be moved has some interesting issues that won’t fix underlying issues causing them to poof when upgraded.

What I think should be done is when you initially place an altar, you can toggle the limits of its highest upgrade so that you know where the final product is going to end up. These final limits are also a hard limit of where you can place the initial altar.

This would make placing an altar a bit more of a pain in the butt, but it will alleviate problems later.

I also wouldn’t say no to non-functioning cosmetic versions of the Altars being available that are just normal placeables and don’t have any weird restrictions.

In their current incarnation, altars are sorta weak aren’t they?
No god bubble.
Avatars are basically useless except for generating lag and vanity projects.
The gear crafted there is not inspiring.

What is an altar but an oversized, overly expensive, crafting station?

As matters stand, they should easily be movable. Their relevance is a thing of the past.

Or the future.
This one is unsure, but this one would not be surprised if there is a big ol religion overhaul in the works. If that is the case, altars may once more become relevant and thus their upgrades and non mobile natures would be more justified.
If not, if they don’t get a huge boost to utility…
Then absolutely. They have barely more relevance and impact than a Convergence Trap anyway.


Well that is not true. For example the chest behind the Set priests in Seper always has the eyes of Set in them, which give you 20 zeals when burnt. Same goes for Yogs skull in Summoning chests.
I collect those, as i rebuild my bases quite often and then have to move the altars, I can quickly fully upgrade them and again, the building cost of an altar is really low.
I am not trivializing, but compared to the game breaking issues that we are dealing with at the moment, this isn’t really important.
Falling through ceilings, getting stuck in foundations, frequent UE4 crashes, missing timers in compost heaps, messed up inventories, no direct repairs in certain benches, just to name a few weigh much heavier than saving 30 minutes, when you build a new altar.
Sure it would be nice to be able to move them, but tbh, there is bigger fish to fry

They are so difficult to place and you can’t see the final result
But be careful with feedback… before you know it Funcom will nerf it.


Here’s why:

But as @LostBrythunian pointed out, that’s no longer an issue, so they should make shrines movable.


They should absolutely be moveable now that they’re hulking paperweights.

If you do tear it down run a few level 1 purges and harvest as you go if you can.


This one is actually curious as to how it could be nerfed any further.


moveable and also reduce distance between it

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The way Funcom nerfs… it would probably get removed :')


There is quite a bunch of benches and other building pieces which can’t be moved.
Teleport stone is another example and we also don’t get all spent materials back.

I can see how this could be a problem on PvP, but it could be active only during non raid hours…
And during raid hours we aren’t allowed to move them. :man_shrugging:

It’s quite annoying if you realize your building doesn’t work the way you wanted, because of weird collision boxes or because building pieces don’t snap in the right position.

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Or the dreaded ‘Why is X placeable / crafting station not perfectly aligned with the floor?’

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