Religion Altars Way TOO BIG

I’m finding altars are way to big and require a lot of land mass to build. I had problems building a few because the free space was taken up by other characters. It would be nice if altars were Big single statues instead or at the very least reduce the size of the altars or even better give players and option if they want a big altar or just statues.

Im not sure if they were put in game or remain in admin panel only but there were large wooden totems of various designs in early access. I think they should move the alter protection buff to them so they can be strategically placed rather than working around the massive alters and their restricted placement near each other.

That way alters can just be placed where you have space and want to craft with them, but not be so worried around where they are put in regards to a base. In all honesty they arent that hard to make and upgrade anyways.

They should be rebuildable so i can put it back into my inventory like elevators or doors. Also the symbols earned should be lootable from the owner (clan) to put them back into the altar.

I broke a ceiling under my lvl 2 altar and now i cant replace it cause the altar is blocking, i only could destroy it and rebuild it from lvl 1 but my altar already have the 75 symbols for lvl 3 ready… all would be gone… stuipid!