Hacking issues on server, and game ideas

i think there has been hacking on server 1961 as at times there is heavy lag and many disconnects, i really hope the developers can make Religion shrines help defend your base, now i am on a pvp server and have been raided etc, i accept that its part of a pvp server and i dont mind because its more realistic, but there has to be better way to defend bases, i think your religion shrine could give your thralls a buff or the food item you can craft from them should be provide a buff. It would also be good if the Religion altars let you create guards for your base as well. Please update the religion system and make it help defend your base.

You have God Bubble to stop projectiles, that’s already huge for base defense.

To deal with non-projectiles, you have to use other options, and I think it is good that not everything is in the same mechanic… If altars could let you craft guards, you would invalidate Golem Shaping, as well as Zombies, and also a fair amount of Thralls.

Still, I agree that the religion system is underwhelming and needs to be updated in some way.

I’m not sure i agree, as the mechanic (and resources) to create a golem and zombies and pet guardians and Thralls are different so you would expect that the altar would require different resources to make its own…, i doubt the effort to gain 500 essence over a jar or an arrow is hardly the same, the altar could increase the hit-points of your base, the stats / buff of your thralls, pets, etc (except for zombies), or it could resurrect your followers at the altar (in a given time frame) fighters and crafters that you may have lost to speed the recovery after getting raided.

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