Please make the offline feature available. PLEASE

Is the launcher written in C#? Or, is it straightforward enough to convert it over to C#? I haven’t looked under the hood, but I’ve done a similar project.

We can do this already on Steam. Its called Family Share. I use several accounts this way on PC.

I don’t know how it works on Epic Game Store or Microsoft Game Pass. Epic and Microsoft would be the ones to talk to in order to enable it if its not already a feature. The game under Funcom already supports it.

Could a requested feature be the ability to log in offline? By this I am meaning that a player would be able to save their account details offline with verification of purchases and the like being done through steam/epic game store etc. I think that would be nice, so that I don’t need an internet connection to use my bazaar items. Thank you for your time.

The Bazaar and Battlepass stuff is through Playfab which requires an online connection. The DLCs (when on Steam at least, not sure about the other platforms) has an offline function through Valve that does like you suggest.

I don’t know if Playfab has an offline function or not for verification.


It would be cool if they did. Maybe we should see if they have a forum? I’ll do some searching when I get some time.

I am assuming you are a dev (correct me if im wrong). Will this game receive full offline feature or is it just a wishful thinking? By full offline feature i mean to be able to log in offline and start a new save and 2 b able 2 access all dlcs offline. I just want to know a heads up. I guess it would be an easy solution for devs to just ignore couple eager players asking for a simple request and be done with an unwanted nuisance. But I think im not alone in this and there are many players who share the same need I have. I could be just done with this game but I still pester devs and forum BECAUSE I LOVE this game. It is out of love that I ask what I ask. I hope devs understand where I am coming from.

I’m not sure why you would think I’m a dev, but I am not. In fact, I have no affiliation with Funcom what so ever. I can tell you though, that the developers have much bigger fish to fry right now, so asking that they completely rework that system seems like a pretty big ask. I know you claim that it’s a “simple request,” but it really isn’t. I’m not saying they won’t do it, just don’t hold your breath. There’s an entire list of things with higher priority, and let’s not forget that they’re diligently working on the next Age, it’s crunch time right now.


I dunno my lady sense was tingling that you had a dev vibe. I hope they have offline with Dune. So sad you are not a dev.

This needs to change by the way. We pay for Bazaar and BP items so we should have them in offline too, similar to DLC


That sounds like setting up your own server would help. You could limit access to your family or friends.

It’s not that difficult; I used to run a server just for me on an old laptop. Works just like an online world.

Thinking from a PC user perspective, though. Can you create servers for console play?

Does this mean I can run the game on my own pc server? Like hosting my own local server in my own pc as means to circumvent the lack of fully functional offline feature? Will this private/local server run without the internet?

Yes, you can connect via loopback address if on the same PC, or to the local IP on the network if it isn’t.

However without access to the Internet, you won’t be able to verify your purchases.

Yes, it should work.

It looks a bit intimidating, and to be honest, I needed some time to get a server to run. But there’re some technical experts here who can probably run you through it.

I really hope the devs eventually get around to it, while also wanting them to be ok and not get too much crunch.

Well… by workarounds… you mean… actually being offline?
Because that’s all it takes… set Steam to offline mode
disconnect your internet in case the game is still sneaky… and start it :man_shrugging:
You get an error message… you can press okay on it and still start up single player just fine

In fact… if you’re in the game and hit ESC to bring up the menu… you will even see “Offline Mode” written on the bottom of the menu… it doesn’t get more official than that.

As for requesting any more isolation from the internet… I’m afraid that is entirely contrary to the goals of the devs, so that will never happen.
Why?.. Since all their new monetization (BP / Bazaar) requires constant internet connection and even if you get items from it, it requires internet validation to use them ingame, even in single player.
So I can tell you right now… any move in the opposite direction has a guaranteed 0% chance :slight_smile:

So no pause when hitting ESC, no removal of respawn, and no removal of “disconnecting from the server” when exiting, in offline SP mode? :cry:
Those would be huge QoL improvements for single players, but nope. Dang.

Thanks for the dedicated response. You seem more helpful than the actual communication team! Well all I want is to be able to start a brand new game while you are offline. It seems that the game prevents you from making a new game while you are offline. Continuing the game offline works but creating brand new game offline does not work (meaning that you need to have a pre-existing online save to “continue” offline). Plus the dlcs working offline as well - is what I want. I do not care much about BP/Bazaar and even if I do use them, it should work offline too. A great example would be recent Assassins Creed Series like Valhalla, Origins or Odyssey where you can purchase additional contents and still be able to access them while you are offline. The monetization aspect is not that different and in fact I wager that they are exactly the same. The only difference is that Ubisoft allows players to enjoy the dlcs without the need of internet connection. Ofcourse AC also have their live events and what not that can only be accessed while you are online but they are not a dlc or a paid content. I don’t have problem with micro transaction and in fact I would pay for all the available contents if I can access them offline. So if this is the case, what could this entail? does this mean Ubisoft could care less about the “authentication” of users whether they bought the game or not? No! ofcourse not! They do care! They care as much as Funcom cares. Then we have to ask, why on one hand we have a company that provides the offline services and on the other hand, some don’t. They have the same business model think about it! cromcoin? Helix coin! Dlcs and expansions? yup Ac have it too! Cosmetic Items? Yup they are all exactly the same. Funcom already allows players to continue their online save offline but why not just make a full offline feature where you can play all the dlcs and the base game? I guess this is the real question I want to ask!

Yep. It shouldn’t be impossible to save a list of owned items on the local machine to retain access to them while offline. Of course, that would make it possible to tamper with it, but if the game compares versions of online and offline data when connnection is restored, this tampering would be easy to spot.

All of the assets are stored locally, anyway, so all that is needed is something to tell the PC which items are available to the player.

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That shouldn’t be the case. The game should only require you to be online after the very first installation or if you updated it so that it can verify that you indeed own the game. But after that you should be able to start new characters.

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