Please need answer from support [Funcom Support #1079197]

I used grace ingame 3 days ago but I can’t log into game. Yesterday I contacted support from my account page but have received no response. Please address this issue immediately because the game time that has been payed for is ticking away.

I’m sorry to hear your email ticket hasn’t received a reply, yet. We’re helping everyone as swiftly as we can, so for now, please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates. Your email ticket will be answered as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind, if you’re unable to log in because your account is frozen, no paid time is expiring from your account while the freeze is in place. Any game time which would have expired will be returned to you as soon as the freeze is resolved.

Your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

I have the exact same problem, used GRACE on my 4 different accounts. I placed the support ticket 3-4 days ago and no response yet, guess I have to do the support contact with all of my accounts? I think there should be easier way, to activate all those account that used GRACE in this timeframe.

My thread on that issue:

Not 100% sure if this applies, but from the page, you can file to speak to a rep live, which is quicker. By keep in mind that I have no idea if they can help or not.