Please provide release notes with patches



The patch 18.8.30 contains the 2018 halloween features activation.

But there is also a 18.8.31 patch.
What does it contain ? Some bug fixes ? New contents ? Whatever else ?

I’m very susprised that for several years, most patches are released without any release note.

It gives impression that FC doesn’t work anymore on the game (it’s almost true though) while patches are released.
Some patch notes could give the illusion the game is still worked on!


You would be surprised how many game developers provide patches without appending it to a patch note.
Being a huge Dota fan-boy, most of the update come with no patch-note at all, and they usually are only bug-fixes/exploit-fixes/etc… so they don’t feel the need to communicate it as most often than not those information are confidential.


There’s a distinct reason but at the same time you can sugar coat confidential information anyway.


It was an hotfix patch to fix reaper not being immortal. 1 New item ( monster only wearable ) was added.

Any patch that happens in middle of event/celebration is usually an hotfix patch to fix an issue with new content.