Please reconsider toon deletion at end

Please reconsider deleting all the toons on 2019 when it’s over. If I’m not building a toon for the future, this server is pointless for those of us that play for the long haul.

Also, any new subscriptions will vanish on the day the new server closes as they no longer have a character to play. Is it that FC doesn’t wish to pay for the merge work?

This level of short-sightedness almost feels deliberate after a while.

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I couldn’t agree more.

That being said, when 2019 is done, I highly doubt many will keep playing. Even if they allow players to keep the toons.

Unfortunately, this game even with all the nostalgia, is at the end of its life cycle.

Makes me sad.

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I was going to play but didn’t realize this. Guess I’ll stick to my old froob if I want to get some nostalgia in.


I think its a big mistake of Funcom to keep this hanging in the air. If the characters/server is wiped after 1 year then I will not invest 1 more dollar into the “project”. I already spent a lot of money on the sub and to buy items for Funcom points in the store. So now my items bought for Funcom points will be deleted? Might as well shut down the entire game then.

As long as there is no “safe future” for our characters, why should we invest more money into it?

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