Please take a survey of your forums

Will you please take a survey here in the forums on what your customers want? And than listen to the results. Be honest, if you dont care dont waste our time and we will stop wasting our money. Do you want the next release to be bug fixes (and let them rate their top three or whatever makes sense to you but plan a MAJOR release of bug fixes) or do you want a tweak to stations, horses, thralls, or whatever crazy idea you have for the next release.

I LOVE this game! You guys built an awesome basis for the game. Your graphics designers ROCK! You come out with totally cool looking gear (but we cannot use it because it is sub standard for actual combat so you have to make a choice, look cool or be cool). BUT

So many of us are so tired of the same old bugs. And you release new content that is so cool but it is riddled with all the old bugs - so we get frustrated because as cool as it is, it only works outside the bugs.

For example, I love the new spawn rates in the wild surges in your latest release. But in trying to get my thrall to my wheel - I have to ride an elevator (because no place is safe in PVP - so you HAVE TO HIDE - more on that in another thread). So riding the elevator I get the old glitch that has been floating around for over a year - fall through the elevator and die

BAM! there goes my first T2 thrall in the Isle. I have absolutely no way to get a crafter T2 before now as a solo player because I cannot summon a surge and knock out much without help and being solo - well you see the problem. So, YAY for a t2 crafter! But Boo, I dont actually GET a T2 crafter because I cant get into my base due to a bug that has been around for over a year.

So please take a survey of people that are here in the forums - who have actually paid you money to play the game and see if they would rather have the next release fix bugs or release content. If the popular vote is for new content, then i know I need to move on. But if the vote is to give us a release that fixes x number of MAJOR BUGS (And I swear to God if you guys put on your release notes one more time you have ‘Provided further refinements to the hair shader.’ AS a bug fix, I am mailing a bag of barf to your editor! That is just insulting! NO ONE considered hair shader a bug so stroke someone’s ego where it doesn’t make me vomit!

There are soo many bugs that in spite of the exciting new content you release, we get lost in the miasma of bugs that no one cares about but your customers. But let that sink in a minute. If your customers stop buying your releases, who are you building for?

Really my plea is, I love this game. But I am exhausted with every single release thinking maybe this time, they will have listened and fixed some of the bugs.

Please survey your customers and see what they want. Will they give up the next major release so your programmers can focus on fixing bugs? And if your management won’t let you - find another job! There are too many positions out there for programmers that want to be stars to settle for a firespark company -here today and gone tomorrow because they don’t care past the sale today.


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