PLEDGE: Give us a HARD Block limit/ Placement pieces on Official Servers

None! Is the answer to that! And “none” is what it should be too!

60k, 15k… LOL, OMG, that’s so completely out of touch it’s no wonder you’re having trouble understanding these uber-simple concepts! I’m now questioning if you’re just here to stir the pot or if you have actually ever built anything at all - ever…

lets respect each other opinion, it is for funcom to decide, not you not me,

i am not saying to you “buy a better pc”, am i? or say “no wonder you are having problems to handle the game on your pc”, so please dont, please stop trying to show i am having “trouble” understanding these uber simple concepts, can we keep this civil , ok? without implying one comment is smarter than the other?

everyone has the right to give their feedback , you did yours i did mine. done deal. it is clear you aint going to change my mind and i am not going to change yours. ok?

there are rules to be follow in this forum, being disrespectful is not something that moderators and admins allow. you agree to this terms when you joined the forum.

i would, even if i strongly disagree with it.

From reading here it’s not surprising to me that you couldn’t judge a 1,000,000,000 part limit suggestion as underserving of any respect.

And get it straight right now you and other flag abusers, I’m not disrespecting you personally and not violating any terms. I do however have no respect for your recently expressed ideas about caps and cap limits. And this is within the terms.

Let’s respect each other - Yes!
Let’s respect each other’s opinions - Only if worthy!

because you brought an exaggerated example, i did not take that as a good example, 15k or 60k is not a billion parts, 10 man clan in this game, likes to build, one of the true re-playable value for some of us is the building system, we buy every DLC that comes out because we like to build, dungeons get old, building system does not. i like to be purged in the game. based on the experience of being playing this game since day one, is that 30k pieces for a 10 man clan is not really something massive, (10 players , that is 3k pieces per player) i would like to have a larger limit? yes of course we like to build, but the limits are set by funcom, and we will adapt and respect whatever funcom brings, if we feel its not enough we will simply move on. see?

dude chill , i have not even flag you once. not a single one.

is it ok for me to tell you go buy a new pc? because yours clearly cant handle the game with descent size buildings in it? no of course i am not.

again, do i have the right to express it? yes
do i deserve respect despite of my opinions (i believe yes) (trying to imply that i am stupid for not understanding the most basic uber concept) you think its nice from you? instead, why dont you just propose a solution? we can talk about pros and cons, (it is a discussion forum after all) but you have no right to attack people personally even when the attack seems “indirect” i am not being rude with you , am i? i will expect the same from you.

what a grade of intolerance you are showing. you know i am not alone in my way of thinking right ? , bottom line , all i was asking from funcom is to be precise over the rules over official servers. so we dont break them , i will enforce it in my clan.

if someone provides a way to control the building issue, other than a building cap, i am all ears,


It might as well be. 15k is five HUGE castles! It’s a flipping city! 60k is an expansive metropolis capable of covering several square kilometers if not many square kilometers.

My first base was 5.4k and covered roughly 10,000 square meters - 3 central buildings 3, 3, and 5 stories tall any one of which could house a clan of 10. My next base was 3.2k, comprised of two 4-story buildings A triple tower and a traditional castle - all four capable of containing all the benches in the game many in triplicate and also 10 to 15 beds (each).

This base 542 pieces, fits all the benches “Improved” where applicable - in quadruplicate for some, 20 chests, 2 horses, a stable, thrall wheel, 8 thralls, 8 freezers, and has room for about 6 or 8 beds. 60k parts would be ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY of these… This is why I’m doubting you’ve even ever built anything yourself. And yes, it demonstrates that you’re not understanding the uber-simple concepts that Funcom is laying out.

It’s not me implying that you can’t understand these simple concepts… It’s you demonstrating you’re not understanding them. And that’s not a personal attack either!

Q. What is Funcom doing?
A. Banning players who violate the ToS.

Q. What does the ToS say?
A. By playing on an official server you are asked to follow the rules below.
… Some specific cases where we will act when made aware:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game.
  • Abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots.
  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.
    Time will not be spent to carefully remove only offending pieces. All constructions belonging to the owner (player or clan) will be destroyed. There will be no refunds of materials or inventories.

It is almost impossible to use 15k parts and NOT violate several of these conditions. It is absolutely impossible to to use 60k parts and not violate just about all of them. And that is not anyone’s “opinion” it’s just the makeup of the game-map.

Alright, fair enough… you started sighting the rules apparently without understanding the tense and tone and usually flagging is the next thing…

Sure you could if you wanted to but even bringing that up tells me once again, you’re completely misunderstanding the issue. Just for S&G tho, my rig maintains about 200 FPS at 4k HDR 10+ with everything set to Cinematic - although I usually play the game in a 1440p UW window. Client-side performance is only one very small part of it though. More of concern to FC is server performance and other player’s experiences! Again, not my opinion - that’s from FC…

You are, yes. You are accusing me of personally attacking you when I am not. That in it’s worst light is lying about me - and in the best light is again - not understanding something you should be able to.

Why do I have to be tolerant of bad ideas? No thank you.

Yes, someone already mentioned that they saw 15 people getting banned. :stuck_out_tongue: So, yeah, you’re not the only one with these ideas. But such ideas are a fundamental misunderstanding of what FC is doing.

Really? That doesn’t look like a question to me:

There have been a whole bunch. Here’s just one such!

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make it 10 places and it will be 6k per building, you see, the problem is basically how people build, if you put all 60k pieces in a single spot then yes, but if you do 10 bases with 6k building pieces, is manageable, as you wont be loading all at once.

the place above has about 4.3k building pieces, includes stairs going down to the ground from that mountain, it is not huge or massive but it can process a lot of mats, not a single person in our server lags in there, of course, placeables (with animations like fire) Are more taxing than the building piece it self,

because they are someone else, if you cant tolerate ideas you dont like maybe you should not post in a discussion forum.

i will flag you if your response is inappropriate, your responses has been in the very line,

you implied that i can understand the uber… whatever…

not understanding something you should be able to

(be careful how you use your words, if you did not intent to attack me, why does it looks like it? i am looking (As well as others) to get a clarification on what is ok and what is not. simple as that. so i will keep asking hte same question until i get an answer from funcom. (my right to ask i dont care if you are in agreement or not, you are not a funcom rep)

i would love funcom to explain, and not take the word from someone who thinks understand what funcom is doing.

[quote=“TeleTesselator, post:112, topic:188207”]

yes after you came with some 0,0005% you pulled out from who knows where, (clearly statistics are not your thing if you can pull numbers without understanding the data, the person clarify that it was 15 people on his SERVER alone not the 0,0005% of 300,000 people, ) trying to say that there is no problem , where there is clearly one, many topics have brought the same issue and questions.

oh i have asked that quesiton many times, and still making it, i even have a chat with one of the community managers, regarding this issue, the fact is , there are rules, yes, but not clarity about whats ok whats is not, it is all based on the judgement of someone who visit the server. some people have got a ban that they do not deserve, some others deserved.

this strikes more questions :

posted 19h ago, marking the words that are relevant, so i am guessing the massive fortress…

Nope! The “problem” is you’re not understanding what Funcom is saying!

You will be banned and the bases deleted! Simple as that!

well can you define the limits in building pieces? how many are too many ?

it seems based on the information posted by funcom 19 hours ago, that it is ok to see massive fortresses ,

quoting this from ignasi.

anything you would like to say ? or i am not understanding again?

so it needs to be 5k? 4k? 3k? 2k? maybe 100 building pieces?

You know, when people talk about the number of pieces - it’s about in a single location. Not the entirety of what the person has made on a server. That’s why they’re expressing such disbelief at someone needing that much. It’s always about single locations because however much of something is in any one spot - it doesn’t matter unless a client is in render distance of it.


in total agreement drukuku, i said 10 places of 6k pieces, what i am saying is that besides the limit that funcom implement, there must be some common sense, not to build all your available pieces into somethingt that will lag or grief people.

the castle i built there (Screenshot) is out of the way , on the mountain, people will not render it, unless they come close, not a single person has complained about lag or problems due to the built. location of buildings are also important.

i would never build something of 20k or let alone 60k pieces, that will be crazy!

Yeah, but then you mentioned that your theoretical 60k figure was actually 10 separate sites so in actuality we’re talking only about 6k pieces.

Surely you can see how a discrepancy like that will cause some confusion and incredulity.

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absolutely, yet some people think the game cant handle 6 k pieces, many of those does not render (pieces that are hidden from your view, in the middle below your floor, does not render at all, so it is not like all the pieces are being rendered.

part of the optimization funcom did some time ago.

Just a little aside, I would appreciate some slightly more specific list of “memory intensive items”. I’ve found a few through trial and error in single player, but even that is inelegant and not at all specific. A few things were easy guess, others were a bit surprising. For example, storage devices seem to have lower load compared to a fireplace. Wall displays seem to have an inordinate load.

If there was a stat, right next to the weight of the item to reflect it’s server load, that would help players make educated decisions. Further, if there were a way to look at a foundation in a land claim and see the full load for that land claim, it would also help

Not suggesting a hard load limit, as some areas have their own innate load, but the ability to have a quantifiable report of a total build load would help to ameliorate the ignorance issue.


love that suggestion but i doubt we will get official answer regarding it, (wish i am mistaken)

antyhing with animation can be problematic, as it adds to the client, and has something running, static items are less of a problem! (thjios is based on experience)

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Yes you are still not getting it. This is Funcom’s idea of a massive fortress.
I count under 3k parts (dunno about placeables), and they said during the interview this is NOT something that would be OK on officials. :wink:
Here are some other examples. The first one is under 1k… 2nd one i count under 2k. Again dunno number of placeables. Likely none of these have all or even many crafting benches. At least for these two they didn’t say stuff like: this is only for showing off the set and isn’t something for server play.

But “number of parts” is the wrong question (unless you are asking about 60k - LOL) - it’s not about how many!

Yeah, maybe something like the repair hammer that accumulates perceived load given a view angle. I doubt anyone but us gamer-technicians would ever use it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

what is rendered by the client and what if evaluated by the server are two different things. And then what is evaluated by the server for the 10 people looking at it at the same time… while 5 people in a different location look at something else and another 4 people in a vault are having the server serve that up… etc.

ok my place is smaller than that one you show in the video (official) and my place is 3.4k pieces, maybe 3.5k pieces,

how did you came up with that number? that place i think is well over 4k pieces for sure.

as for the second example the stormglass fortress is bigger than my place, much taller, and i can assure you more thant 3.5 k pieces that my place has.

i know the difference, but there is no a way to see whats the load on the server what you build, please realize if i am here is to understand exactly what i am doing ok or wrong, to go in line with funcom TOS over the server. i have used those videos and watched those in order to understand what i can build and how big, if they are in the funcom video , that size should be ok. (unless told otherwise by funcom)

You can look at the clan tab and it will tell you the totals.

I paused the video at each angle and counted. I even overestimated! They’re building really small… They just have the placement in a good ratio so that it makes it look elaborate and large. Count them yourself…

Just for a sake of reference, I built a tree city recently (an actual city where a dozen people could live in, dozen as in 12 players), and it was around 1,100 building pieces. It was much larger than the one shown in the video.

As for the nemedian castle build, we had a clan on the server we play on build something much larger in a similar space. It had to be trimmed down because they didn’t have the number of players that allowed its count. They were just under 4k. It covered about the same area as shown in the nemedian build, but there was almost no space inbetween buildings (it was one structure), and it was 4x taller.

Just a FYI, I have been able to build a 250 piece decently large size ‘cottage’ looking build with two floors. One section has the storage and a crafting area capable of fitting nearly all T3 crafting benches. There’s a few T3 ones I didn’t use simply because I didn’t need them (like the T3 firebowl, I usually use T2 for the speed as its 25% mat reduction is makes steelfire 1:1). The crafting room is in the ground floor which also included a walkway, a dining area, and kitchen with pres boxes. Upstairs was a master bedroom and rooms for two others.

Not a PVP build by any stretch. But I guess it could be by doubling the piece count for some walls to keep people at bay enough for PVE-C would be fine. But this is only an example for a solo player. I wouldn’t be soloing in a full PVP environment.

Point is, you can build smaller, much smaller than even 5k blocks and still have everything you need. To give an idea, one of the more popular private servers has a community of about 2,500 active players. That’s what a full 80/80, 24/7 active server looks like. They have a build limit of 350 pieces per person (clan of 2 can have 700). That’s the strictest limit I have seen.

But they kind of need it. In any given cycle, they have up to nearly a 700,000 building pieces being used. Or more (as they allow extensions from hosting enough events). That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Officials have much less player counts than that on average.

This server wipes nearly monthly as degradation takes its toll. And they are on a dedicated machine with decent hardware.

So if you all are looking at a hard block limit. It wouldn’t really be by player as the number of active players on a server isn’t static. What is static is the total number of blocks being used across all players. But there would be a literal sh-tstorm of complaints if they put say… a 500,000 total block limit (its gotta be much lower, or you enter a need for a wipe cycle).

Especially when someone logs into a 2/40 server late at night with a fresh character and get a message trying to place that the server is at its limit when they try to build a makeshift sandstone hut to logout in to keep their stuff.

And the serial refreshers are going to make some serious enemies. Which ironically… if you all didn’t have, you wouldn’t have the enforcement of the rules you have today. Funcom isn’t your enemy, they are. And always have been.

But oh no, when I called them out a few months ago, I was the bad guy.

Just a FYI, they’re going to continue to cause even more issues post trim & merge. As enforcement is going to be even more frequent due to less servers.