Pls add no build areas around world bosses

Ok, i know this is common sense but it was common sense when conan first came out for npc spawns but people still built over top of them forcing Funcom to put anti-build areas all around npc spawns.

They need to (and honestly i do not understand WHY they didnt do it by default) do it for the world bosses as well.

on the offical server i play on there has been a number of ‘innocents’ that joined the game and didnt know they were blocking them… while they moved quite easily and apologized for it there are a few that have joined that join and do it on purpose and need to be forced to move so people can kill the bosses.

While yes their are alot of bosses around the world map this does not matter… they shouldnt be blocked to stop people killing em.


Agree 110%!

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While I agree in principle, this one is going to be a little difficult to do retroactively.


it would not really be that hard for them to do…

If they’re willing to blow up or invalidate any existing builds in those areas, then yeah no problem. But if not…

At least certain npcs like world bosses should attack player structures if they are in “blocking range” upon spawning. Or trigger a 100% purge on said buildings but with no valuable loot of the mob to prevent exploiting it. If someone blocks an world boss or camp his base should be attacked by this npcs.

…if they’re willing to restrict them from walking out of it, making it way easier to kill them.

I don’t think hat we need more of the world to be blocked. I’d rather wish for less worldbosses and tuck them in caves pls so they don’t interfere with PvP.


Issue in general is… you just build bigger wall around the thing you want blocked.

They really need to drop land claim as is, and switch to flag claim mention in older suggestion thread.
So Obilesk, caves, dungeons, world boss all have a bubble thats unbuildable inside, and players claim flag can’t touch, or be within 1meter of said flag or another players. (so if a clan manage to get 20 player block area, there would be 1meter gap between them all land claim flags )

And anything built outside player flag bubble would be hit with nasty decay timer.

And foundations and other claim objects loose there ability to despawn stuff. And no player can place a land claim flag over it.

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That’s a little rich coming from someone who wants to wipe their server because someone stole a fish :upside_down_face:


but building a bigger wall around wont BLOCK the spawn… as in… stopping it from spawning at all…

@Mikey they did it for the npc camps (they gave warning before hand but did it for the npc camps) they should do it for the world bosses to.

@Ryu-Salazar i agree all world bosses SHOULD attack any structure right away, issue is if people kill the world boss first build over its spawn point… it wont get to…

in regards to the 100% purge… that gave me an idea… if you build block the spawn of a world boss you should get a purge thats full of all the world bosses that exist… at max difficulty :stuck_out_tongue:

@Olumat no not less world bosses… i like the number that their is now…

@ Sera67 the flag claim would be cool… make it so a clan has a customized flag so we can make it a feature of the base as well… how would you expand your land? another flag?

@zousung Thats pretty much what I have in minde. Instead of having the boss/npcs blocked they still should spawn and attack with high difficulty (structural damage). To prevent from blocking, there should be a small area on the spawn postion which you are unable to build.

Include the entire oasis chinese players on pve covered the entire oasis with foundations

I totally agree 200% with the topic: the game don’t allows you build near a village, why it allows you to build on a boss spawn point ?

In pve-c all the clan-wars we had started this way :expressionless:

Even if… I’d like more in case of spawn point blocked a multispawn of the boss inside that clan base as a purge always active :smiling_imp:

Sounds like a good solution to this problem.

Love it, or just make it so that the world bosses spawn no matter what. Like the purge. It will spawn on top of the base if necessary.

Coded as area check:
spawn area has no player structure:
Spawn in normal area.
spawn area has player owned structure:
jump to purge code:
Allow spawn on top or inside.
Attack structures.

outright remove all structures in range
spawn anyway

So someone who build in the snow where the new world boss is would just jose their building. A place they built on long before it was a world boss spawn?

what about the new spawn camps. no one built there to cover the spawns. The spawns were added after. Having the spawns come in as a purge effect at least give one time to defend and get stuff out to relocate.

Maybe they can put the my purge spawn code idea into effect on obbies and major resources as well. Create some witches that stand guard and don’t aggro people who teleport in. If you attack them, they will defend, but other wise are guardians of the obbs. And if a structure is built within 10 foundations, they will attack it every so often as a purge. Cannot be captured spawns, and have no loot table.

If they did do this (hope they do) then they would give notice to us as they did with the thrall camps to let people move…

if people still have their bases in the new boss areas then they are going to lose them from other players any way because they are now blocking spawns…