Would you please destroy bases in no build zones

you added a few new spawn points for npcs, such as at the pagoda…but every single server has some jackhole base RIGHT on the spawn points or up in the tower that kills the WHOLE area, need these cancerous buildings removed…some line of code that deletes things in no build areas asap

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I agree and support this… the damage is already done. Perhaps Funcom doesnt want to be radical and wipe player structures like this, if this is the case maybe they could simply prevent decay refreshment on structures located in no build zone. That should give those builders enough time to move into a proper location.


It would be nice if the Devs actually played on these servers as players. Then they could elevate themselves to special Avatars for the symbolic destruction of a few of these abominations. Make it a warning event, in preparation for the culling.

how exactly is this fair for said players? they didnt know new spawnpoints would be addes to their base location? neither did you. they invested time and resources in that base on that spot. just as you did with your own.

how would you feel when everyone keeps their base but yours gets simply deleted just because some playes are b**ching about it?

if you want to start over from scratch go ahead, but dont force that upon other players.

Talk to me about my palace at Chaosmouth and I’ll lend you a sympathetic ear. I’ve been forked over by terrain changes all through my playing history – goes with the show. World evolves and so do we. Taking some destruction for the good of the server (for a spawn point) is definitely worth it. And if you don’t dismantle your base knowing there’s a spawn there, you’re the worst kind of player.

If i spent a week building a huge fortress, and then they decide to put some npcs in it hell no im going to dismantle my base. they didnt need those npcs before so why now? Im not actively looking for a spot like that to build my base in, but like i said, if the devs in the future decide to put an npc camp on my location, gg but im not gonna move.

Besides resource denial weakens your enemies. Why dismantle your base, and thus weaken yourself, whilst making more resources available for your opponents.

thats just dumb play if you ask me.

besides, why would a player move for you? if you want that spot clear, make some trebs and call in an avatar to do it yourself.

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but at least do it legitimately instead of crying to the devs for help.

Totally up to you. All I know is servers tend to unify against resource hogs. I wouldn’t want that kind of heat myself, but then I build where historically there have been few repercussions. As you can see I’m asking for a hybrid approach, one that will be much more democratic than flat wipe. As these sorts of issues are bound to come up again, I’m hoping there will be a more durable solution.

Because this is only really a problem on PvE servers. PvP servers players can actually do something about you blocking resources…

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