Polaris story mode - broken progress

I’ve been going through Polaris in story mode a fair bit lately, since I’m a Patron and this is the fastest way to get the dungeon key stuff for the day.

I’ve noticed that if I one-shot the Primordial Dweller (which will happen at 1000+IP if you crit), the progress indicator for the mission sometimes will not update, which puts me one step behind on the rest of the dungeon. E.g. I kill the Ur-Draug at the end and the chests and the helicopter show up, but the mission still says “kill the Ur-Draug” and I don’t get progress on the daily achievements for main missions.

If I go back into Polaris, then it resets and I can get through it again, but it is a bit annoying - especially since I went into this for speed…

This has also happened on the Varangian but only once. I’ve had it happen three times in the last couple of weeks on the Primordial Dweller, so it seems to be more susceptible.


This issue occurs when you kill the the boss prior to your Mission updating to the step which requires you killing said boss.

In the case of the Primordial Dweller, you need to kill him after you’ve reached the point where your objective says, “Destroy the Primordial Dweller”. The Primordial Dweller will have finished his spawning animation by then, so try to wait for him to finish making his grand entrance!


<crying quietly for my inadequate DPS>

One-shotting breaks a lot of things. The game’s scripting engine is… eh, not very robust. For example, I do my daily main/side missions in Kingsmouth. Elm Street Blues once had this issue on the final “boss” of the mission. The mission would say something like “Find the source of the assault” and if you one shot the Draug Warmonger, the mission did not update. It was expecting you to hit the enemy and then your mission updated. If the enemy was dead after you hit it (a one-shot) then the script never got a response to the “did you hit the enemy?” request. They changed it so that all you have to do is target the enemy now and it updates the mission. Though you can still bug if if you kill it with an AOE without ever looking at the Warmonger.

That’s just DreamWorld Engine fun. Yay.

I’d suggest using a basic to give the Primordial Dweller a love tap first, just to make the scripts happy.

The problem with using a basic is that I run Chaos/DP. So my basic is basically melee range and the Primordial Dweller has those cargo containers in front (sort of makes him look like one of those funhouse monsters that jump out at you).

If I can climb up and get in range that might work I guess.

Tested - yes I can get within melee range of the Primordial Dweller.

Of course if I crit on the basic hit it looks like I end up doing about half his HP. But at least it’s now a two-shot.

You don’t have to hit him at all to progress the quest. Just run in and wait for the objective to update to the “destroy” part as Vomher said. Once it does, it doesn’t matter if you one-shot him.

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