POLL => Roll/Dodge Changes

Then wouldn’t it be a much easier solution to adjust the talents or armor affects or add in and out of combat effects?

I could go dig up several, but I really need to get back to doing my job :wink: Perhaps later.

Actually, before the update PvP was more skill based than now. You had to be good at roll-dodging, sprint-dodging, spear-free-aiming (or whatever weapon you used, it was hammer for me, but most people are just talking about spears), stam-management (as you are really vulnerable as a light armor user and always need stamina to be able to react) and more. Now stam-management is pretty much the only thing (maybe some free-aiming, but you can just stand in a place and target lock) you need to learn, but it’s also less important because of the amount of hits a heavy armor user can take in comparison to a light armor user. So, as I said in the beginning, you actually need less skill now which makes the suggestion to “learn the game” kinda invalid imo.

I think this could be a really good argument for the treb changes, but I don’t think it’s fitting in this context. In your example, a specific type of base was badly nerfed, but we’re talking about a core-game-mechanic-nerf instead of a base-nerf.

Totally depends on your own build and your servers meta. On my last server everybody was using grit builds so that we could easily hunt down anybody who attempted to run. Also spear was kinda outdated even before the update. We had a hammer meta and axe+throwing axe after that. To stop your enemy from running you were able to use bow or throwing axes.

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Okay, clever guy, I’ll give you another one but it’s more of an outlier. :stuck_out_tongue: Several of my clanmates who’d been on in EA quit the game after Frozen North because Funcom did away with the double-tap functionality. We used to be able to double-tap three directional keys, back, left and right, and lunge there. Many players at the time rebelled because “they weren’t going to buy a new mouse for a game.” I say it’s an outlying case, because many of them returned once they indeed got new mice.

Thanks Dysco7! Double likes for you my friend. :laughing:

Okay … First of all: I don’t want to cheapen your arguments or anything but I think that’s kinda out of topic again.

You’re talking about the hardware here. A problem that only affects a part of the players since Xbox and PS4 don’t have mouses. Also not every PC player has had problems with this (… I guess xD).
Movement changes affect everybody because they’re part of the software that is run on all platforms.
So imo there’s a difference between quitting over a change of controls on your keyboard/mouse and quitting over a complete revamp of a core game feature that (I’m referring to the revamp, don’t get me wrong here ;)) has many problems. I won’t list any now, I don’t want to bore you since there are already many arguments in this thread or over here: Dodge after-update-poll for example.

But to conclude, again, I don’t want to decry any of your arguments or posts.

And the most egregious get flagged real fast, like that person who kept saying anyone who disagreed was a bot.

I can’t bring myself to vote on this poll since I don’t agree with either system. Without going fully into what I’ve already stated on the official poll, I believe we’ve seen what full dodge feels like, we now see what slow dodge feels like. There’s got to be some sort of middle ground (or SOMETHING) between the two that allows both agile and tanky play to compete equally without hindering the many other aspects of gameplay.

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Movement just feels unnatural now. Sluggish and unresponsive.
Roll animation just looks commedic with how slow and unrealistic it is.

I can understand trying to make pvp balances…but essentially breaking basic character controls/movement is not a step right direction.


well, maybe im asking to much but i think…next big improvement for the game should be npc\mob animation rework (atack, movement and etc), this will be fair to new roll and movement mechanics, because for now players got a big disadvantage in core aspects of game
i really like new ideas and mechanics, but in current state sometimes they are really gamebreaking
so my biggest complain for now - npc\mob ai and animations

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I don’t like it so far. Basically I feel like I’m learning a new melee combat system. I enjoyed the rapid, fluid dodge timing but now I feel like I’m playing Chunky Souls. I tried high and zero encumbrance and it still felt like the RL me executing a dodge (takes five minutes to flop on ground and then stand back up) vs athletic combat capable fantasy me.

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Pretty much this. Mobs / NPC are using 2017 movement/attack version, while player movement got updated at least twice. :upside_down_face:

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You know what i find funny, the combat is slower, which is allowing those that suck at Combat to die faster, and now they are mad at dying faster, because they normally would of got away from someone that would of killed them. lmao

those that are quitting, rely on lag to save their crappy play style. :slight_smile:
They only want it back, because they want to die less.

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Actually no. I’ve done about 5 hours of PvP testing on Friday, on both private and official and I only died two times, to claws and to bow. We had some intense fights on private though. Official was just everybody going all in with heavy tank builds or double jump / overweight builds. But those guys suck and so does combat overall rn and that’s why I quit.

May not be overly relavant at this point in time for the poll, but anyways!
As a pve player I’m hugely enjoying the new movement and rolls. Sure, it felt insanely sluggish at first when I had to get used to it, but after a few days with it, it started to become more of a “Eh” kind of thing. Not something I think overly much on. The rolls seem much more realistic to me, than the “Click” and suddenly I’m waaay over in the dodged direction. Sure, I’m closer to enemies and all, but it still seems to allow me to dodge just fine.

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@Spookums: Though we differ in opinions, you can click “Hide results” and revote to be accurate to your feelings.


Ah… Eheh… Thanks man XD did not know that.

You lost me there…#200slotsfull #encumberance1000%


PVP is only probably <10% of the game for us. WE do everything a PVE player does sans RP. The only difference is we can lose our stuff to smarter AI, other players. So that is why as pvpers go, we would like a fighting chance when it does come to melee.
We farm, build, fight bosses (for weapons, demon blood, etc.) just like everyone else. We just have an added layer of unknown.

Agree, there will always be metas not matter how much you try, WoW has been trying for the past decade. In fact just watched a video of a person testing the rolls and breaking it down and he literally said, there isn’t any point in wearing any other armor other than heavy as the benefits are not high enough.

What i did take from it, which seem great, is that the animation from rolling to attacking is way way smoother, but if that’s the only positive, kind asks the question, was it worth it?

Has anyone tested the roll fighting a boss or high end mobs in light or medium gear yet?

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